Saila Bikes Titanium Cross with SRAM Rival

Simple, straight forward and built with no nonsense parts, this titanium cross is just one example of Lauren Trout’s frames built by hand in Austin, Texas at Saila Bikes. With so many people building with 44mm head tubes, curved stays and disc brakes, it’s nice to see one with a 1 1/8″ fork, straight as an arrow stays and canti brakes. That’s the beauty of custom thought: you get what you want.

Even with SRAM, ENVE and Chris King, you’re looking at a custom, handmade, titanium bike for under $5k as shown, which is a damn decent pricepoint for a frame that will most likely last you for decades and while others charge near that for a frameset, Lauren Trout learned how to weld and wield titanium at Seven Cycles.

Shooting builders in their workspaces is one thing, but their craftsmanship shines when you can photograph the finished product. Just look at those welds… stacking dimes.

  • Otis Rubottom

    So clean. (But no Ultegra anywhere…)

    • Patrick Murphy

      Hubs maybe?

      • Otis Rubottom

        Ah. Maybe so!

      • Thomas Alexander Peralta

        They are. Sneaky sneaky Prolly.

      • Yeah…

  • +1 on the 1.125″, great looking bike!

  • Tyler Shannon

    Those are some beautiful welds. Her training at Seven definitely paid off

  • tanner

    Bike looks super clean! Love the raw titanium and steel! I like the name ‘Saila’ and the back story on the site, but I’m not into the stars. I think just losing them on the downtube and would class it up? but just one person’s random thoughts.

    • Felix

      Yup. Same goes for the font outline. The bike screams “Less is more”. The Logo with the stars kinda reminds me of a cheap tattoo. The logo definitely needs some work to do that bike justice. Meaning the logo is okay but the bike is great!

  • mp

    Lovely work. The proportion of the 1 1/8 look fantastic on this frame. Congrats Lauren!

  • So nice! Look at those welds!

  • Ben Hoffman

    I think the SRAM Rival group defines this bike more than Ultegra?

    • Yeah, totally flubbed that. Sorry.

      • Erik B

        Can’t edit titles?

        • Just did. Wasn’t at a computer all day.

          • Erik B

            Sad trombone for non-mobile cms.

  • Schmeebs

    I actually dig the logo! Really cool to see a woman shine in a profession as male-dominated as frame building too. Interested as to why anyone would want a Ti bike built skinny and straight throughout though…

    • I would. Ti bikes are often seen as ‘forever’ bikes, and the simplicity of this particular frameset is the key to its enduring appeal (to me).
      Nice to see a complete absence of gimmicks and new ‘standards’ here. Litespeed and Lynskey have you covered for the weird ugly shit in Ti, just look on your local Craigslist.

      • Schmeebs

        I totally hear you, but I would just go steel given what you’re describing. I think we have different ideas of what “forever” translates into regarding tubing selection, diameter, and how it is formed. Different strokes for different folks!

        • Schmeebs

          It is a beautiful bike, nonetheless.

    • GeraldBowles

      My Moots Vamoots has similar design and I love it. It doesn’t look old but it doesn’t really look new either. I guess the word is timeless

      • Schmeebs

        That makes sense to me. I agree the bike has a wonderful modern yet classic aesthetic, helped immensely by the cantis.

  • david


  • Eric Hancock

    Looks beautiful.

    Slightly annoying question / comment: non-replicable hanger on a cross bike? Thoughts?

    • Eric Hancock

      Sorry, that was intended to be “replaceable”

  • Sebastian

    Soo many pretty Ti CXs on here lately.

  • C_Acevedo

    The bars look great but I can’t make out the logo. Can someone tell me what bars they are?

    • mhatthei


  • Andy Jon

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