Jonathan’s S-Works Epic 29r Burry Stander Edition

When South African, World Cup champion Burry Stander suffered a tragic death on a training ride in 2013, Specialized lost not only one of their riders, but one of their family members. To honor his death, they released an S-Works Epic 29r under their Specialized Projects line.

Based on their FACT World Cup geometry, this flashy frame is covered in a sparkly orange paint, adorned with African art and features a graphic inspired by the South African flag and Stander’s unique personality. The resulting product makes for an orange blur that glows in the late-afternoon sun (and is rather hard to photograph).

As far as tech is concerned, this S-Works Epic frame features a FOX/Specialized remote Mini-Brain with AUTOSAG, pushing 95mm of travel and a Rock Shox Sid Brain. Built with Sram XO1 and rolling on Roval Control SL 29 with Maxxis Ardent gumwalls set up tubeless, this thing is ready for blast off.

While I’m sure it’d take a while to truly grasp what this frame represents, Jonathan has taken quite a liking to it. All I can say is damn, look at those chain stays!

  • Tyler Johnson

    WOAH, this thing is crazy.

  • Ham Sandwich

    90% of the time, im really stoked that i only ride rigid single speeds. so simple, so pure, feel like a kid in the woods, blah blah, insert other SS cliche here.

    then i look at something like this and wonder what the fuck i’m doing with my life.

    • aifos

      SAME :(

    • I wanna see your bike!

      • Ham Sandwich

        i’m really glad you asked me this now, because this is currently my only bike.

        • Kerry Nordstrom


        • You win!

        • Billy Arlew

          Yes! Just needs a HiteRite to go with that U-brake :D

    • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

      I keep it simple too, hombre but I do have a 1×10 rigid. My favorite rigid cliche: I feel more connected to the trail. It is true, though. That said, this bike looks sweet and when my back and arms get beat up from long rides, I look at FS bikes like this. Maybe when I retire?

      • I like to think of FS bikes allowing you to access more of the trail and really gain a feeling for the terrain, which is counter-intuitive. Sure you don’t feel the trail like you do on a rigid, but all the rocks and roots vibrate through the frame in a resonance that’s best at high speeds. There are lines I wouldn’t take on my rigid, but on a FS, I can take them and I can go much, much faster.

        • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

          I’ve never heard trail feel on FS explained like that but it makes sense. I’ve definitely heard the speed argument and that definitely makes sense as well. I live in South Jersey. Most of our trails are relatively flat so I haven’t felt any limitations with the rigid fork. Staying loose and running low PSI soaks up roots and such. As soon as the weather breaks (and my wife and kids give me the time), I’ll be hitting up some tougher more technical stuff in PA and DE. I’m sure the limitations will be felt. I’m not taking the line off a four foot drop on this niner fork. ;)

    • hans

      dude i’m totally with you on that!

  • somebody_aight

    Love the gumwall ardents but am curious how well they hold up when
    set up tubeless since they aren’t designed for it?

    • They hold up fine but I found they ride like turds compared to UST Ardents.

    • Jonathan Neve

      John doesn’t like them much but I’m way into them! They have held up well for me, even on super rocky stuff.

    • Derek

      I ran them in a 2.4″ for about six months with great success, though I never have tried the standard version yet.

  • Steven
  • Dylan Baker

    How do I get my hands on some of those radavist stickers?