First Lookout Feb 7, 2015

In First Lookout, Ben Johnson captures the experience of an early morning climb up Cypress Mountain, high above Vancouver’s skyline. Nice work Ben, looking forward to more!

  • Keith Lee

    Beautiful British Columbia. Climbing Cypress and the other two local peaks (Grouse and Seymour) is known as the Triple Crown in BC. Rapha did a piece on it a few years back:

    • Ben Johnson

      Yes! Great film by Rapha. Definitely inspired by their media work!

    • I personally feel that the “true” triple crown involves the gravel climb up to Grouse and not just the road to the parking lot as is the norm. But, Rapha did Indian River Drive as well, which is a gnarly addition.

      • Ben Johnson

        I agree Morgan and I think Rapha did? BUT they took the tram down on Grouse and didn’t bike down…

        • Oh yeah, I knew there was something unusual. And a car down the third climb. But hey, that’s still a rad ride, and I’m not opposed to car rides!

          • Ben Johnson


  • kermitonwheels

    When a video makes you want to ride, any time of day then it’s good.