Radar Roundup: Crust Bikes Sea Monster Bombora, Meriwether Stemstash, Rivendell Clem, Fab’s Performance Purse, Chromag Riza Stem, Horse Cycles Pack Knife, VEOLO Bike Trailer,  Paul’s 1962 Kearney & Trecker 2-D, Burning Matches, and Ted King’s XL’ent Gravel Adventure


Radar Roundup: Crust Bikes Sea Monster Bombora, Meriwether Stemstash, Rivendell Clem, Fab’s Performance Purse, Chromag Riza Stem, Horse Cycles Pack Knife, VEOLO Bike Trailer, Paul’s 1962 Kearney & Trecker 2-D, Burning Matches, and Ted King’s XL’ent Gravel Adventure

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Crust Bikes Sea Monster Bombora

Cheech, the co-owner of Crust Bikes and partner of Matt, named the latest Bombora model the “Sea Monster,” inspired by how grumpy Matt gets when there are no waves to surf. The Bombora needs no introduction here but the paint job and graphics, designed by Gaetan Sahsah deserve a special, in-depth look.

The entire frame is covered in an iridescent glow, beautifully replicated the caustic reflection on the ocean floor.

These will be available today at Crust Bikes, Matt and Cheech’s new bike shop in Australia, Heaps Good Garage, Blue Lug, and Circles in Japan.

Meriwether Cycles Stemstash $125/135

420 breaks on the trail or at camp after a long day of riding can be the perfect ticket to a nice, solid night of sleep. There are no shortage of stash pipes and one-hitters on the market but the Meriwether Stemstash adds a few clever details to this high-hardware.

Machined in Northern California by Huston Precision out of 6061 aluminum (bowl) and stainless steel (stem), it has a secret storage compartment under the top-cap, accessible by a 4mm allen key or thumbscrew. The Stemstash fits inside your fork’s steerer tube replacing the stock headset cap. It screws into the star nut, or an expansion plug*, and can be used to preload your headset, hide your stash, and never forget your safety break materials.

Check out more at Meriwether Cycles.

Rivendell Clem Smith Pre-Order $1,300 (frameset)

Clem Smith Jr. is Rivendell’s fat-tire, easy to fender & rack, joyously upright and stable, and more affordable than the rest of our lineup bicycle frame.

They’re more affordable only because most of the joints are tig-welded instead of lugged. Tigs cut the construction time for each frame down by a lot so the price gets lower. It’s a perfectly strong way to make a bicycle, although not as pretty to look at as lugs.

Clems still have a strong wide fork crown, napkin-ring reinforcement lugs at the headtube, and a beautiful well-designed seatlug, so it looks far from a generic bike.

The pre-sale goes up today at NOON PST. See more at Rivendell.

Fabio’s Performance Purse Goldilocks $55

Hey Josh, we got another musette to add to your collection! These fun and handy Fabio’s Performance Purses are made from 8.25 oz waxed canvas and pack down to the size of a softball.

The perfect size for a city cruise to your local record shop at 13″ wide X 14″ tall the Fab’s Purse will fit a large laptop and a few LP records; an ironic combo indeed. The inner pocket can hold your phone, wallet, multitool, and keys on a long elastic key hook and the closures are genuine velcro dots. Simple, packable, durable and effective.

Right now the Goldilocks color is available but the Olive Fab’s Purses sold out too fast the last time! See more at Ron’s Bikes.

Chromag Riza Stem $135

Chromag has used its knowledge of making stems for almost 20 years to create a new, highest level, Canadian-made bar grabber, perfect for a Darco, Doctahawk, or rowdy hardtail of your own!

There’s no doubt the RIZA is Chromag’s finest stem to date. CNC machined in Whistler, Canada from premium 6061 billet aluminum, it features Chromag’s new faded edge on the clamp face to help avoid hot spots and stress risers when your bar flexes under load.

Also it looks really flippin’ nice.

The RIZA comes in a variety of colors, 31.8 and 35mm clamps and 32, 38 and 45mm lengths.

See more at Chromag.

Horse Cycles Pack Knife with Water Bottle Boss Sheath $120

The Horse Cycles Pack Knife is an incredibly versatile and sharp knife, perfect for camping and touring. Use it as a bush knife, to cook with, and even as a fillet knife for bikefishing trips. The weight of these knives in your hand is incredibly balanced and lightweight. Use it with a flint for starting a small campfire!

Thomas from Horse just upped the ante with these Pack Knives with a custom sheath for mounting to any water bottle or cargo cage location. Mount under your water bottle cages or any other accessories or all on its own.

The blade is made of AEBL 59 RC stainless rather than Carbon steel to protect it from the elements en route.

See more at Horse Cycles.



VEOLO Bike Trailer

When it comes to inner-city and rural cargo bike solutions, you don’t need a whole new bike to haul your goods, you just need a better-designed universal bike trailer. VEOLO’s Bike Trailer is lightweight, versatile, and uses larger wheels, making it more capable off-road.

After two years of intensive development and numerous prototype tests, VEOLO proudly presents its new trailer – the Swiss army knife for the bicycle. It combines fantastic handling with innovative features and provides a myriad of options for your transportation needs. Sporty, agile, and stylish – exactly what has been missing for us and surely for you as well! Simply attach it to your favorite bicycle and experience a completely new way of transporting.

Check out more at Kickstarter.




Paul’s 1962 Kearney & Trecker 2-D

🚨Machinist NERD warning!🚨 Paul explains why the K & T 2-D is so cool, and shows us how it works.



Rob Britton – Burning Matches: Tip To Tail

Join Factor athlete Rob Britton as he sets off to establish a Fastest Known Time on his home region of Vancouver Island. Starting in the northern most point and heading south to Victoria, Rob sticks primarily to gravel to put his equipment and his body through the paces. And discovers some new highlights of the place he calls home. He set down the benchmark. Now who will follow?



Ted King’s XL’ent Gravel Adventure

A three-day, 300-mile gravel journey became four days as Ted King, Tim Johnson, and Pete Gaston snaked their way across the state of Vermont.

They traveled through sensational fall foliage, slept under the stars, and navigated their Cannondale Topstones around the devastating aftereffects of the state’s horrific summer floods.




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