Nobuhiko Tanabe’s Geekhouse Team Mudville Cross

There have been a lot of awesome cross bikes in town and I’ve tried my best to document them when I could, which unfortunately hasn’t been that often. This one, however was a must!

Nobuhiko Tanabe’s internet handle is NB_Log. He’s an employee at Blue Lug in Japan, races for Geekhouse and in general, is stoked out on bikes. His 2014 team Mudville cross bike has one of my favorite color combinations to ever leave the Boston framebuilder’s shop.

NB found himself in Austin for the 2015 ‘Cross Nats, going to the parties, races and events of this past week’s schedule, as well as pedaling around a few of our local trail systems.

At Wednesday’s events, I caught up with Nobuhiko to shoot some quick photos of his bike as he enjoyed the races… See more in the Gallery!

  • Jonathan Neve

    Such a rad dude!

  • Bayo30

    Waw ! one thing is not ok on that bike, white saddle ! have a good #CXNAT everybody ! (that was a message from France !)

    • Alex Wichman

      It sort of works as a compliment to the white front hub, but yeah either way there’s too many colors here. Still a yummy build.

      • Bayo30

        Right, i don’t see it… Yuuuuuummy build!

  • Kyle Kelley

    Love the Mudville type!

    • Gordon Watt

      Reminds me of the lettering at the start of Miyazaki’s Totoro.

  • boomforeal

    what’s up the front brake hanger?

    • Sebastian

      Look at the cable routing, it’s gotta get over the stem so it’s off-center (if that’s what you’re referring to….)

      • boomforeal

        yeah that’s what i mean

        i guess there’s no practical downside to running your hanger off to one side – just tweak the caliper springs so that they balance it out

        i know it would bug me to do so, though. you could run a stem with more drop and free up space, or a fork-mounted hanger – does the spacer-mounted hanger offer that much better performance that one bolted to the fork crown?

        • The fork mounted cable stop does offers better (although minimal) stopping power compared to the spacer one, it feels a bit stiffer, but its a bit awkward if not impossible to set up when used with “taller” brake arm (like the shortys). They work better with more traditional canti brakes, like the ones from Campy.
          After all what really matters is how you set up your brake line.

  • David

    I think he’s got a sick vagen too with a custom painted shark stem.

  • charlie backus

    bro where’d you get that sick bar tape