Gevenalle’s New Dirt-Ready GX Shifters Jan 13, 2015


Got a MTB you want to convert to a dirt drop machine? Genenalle’s new GX Shifters are a new component setup option for that. They’re compatible with Shimano’s 10 speed Dyna-sis and Shadow Plus MTB derailleurs, so you can now get cassette coverage up to 36T.

I’m seriously considering these for my Indy Fab. See more at Gevenalle.

  • Kyle Kelley

    Now I know how I’m building my Krampus!

  • Trenton South

    I emailed the goats earlier to see if these would be compatible with Sram type 2 Rear Derailleurs, and bummed when they said no. Still a killer setup

    • Ham Sandwich

      why not just some apex shifters then? outside of being able to use shimano derailleurs, what am i missing about these shifters? i didnt like how shifting is only possible from the hoods and i think non-aeroness of the cable routing fucks up the aesthetics on about every bike.

      • Trenton South

        Who cares about AERO when your racing non Professional Cross/Bike packing? Apex is great, but the simplicity of installation/adjustment of the Retroshifters are pretty enticing. They also offer a no questions asked $34 repair/rebuild with free shipping. It’s a fantastic option.

        • Ham Sandwich

          i should clarify that im not talking about aerodynamics. im talking about how the cables aren’t tucked under the bar tape like most modern shifting systems. it makes the cockpit look cluttered, and that is simply me stating an opinion.

          • Trenton South

            That’s a fair response, and I totally agree. Though I believe they have external cables because it’s easier to work on & prolly (see what I did there john) keeps the cost’s down.

    • Jordan Katterheinrich

      I was hoping for the same thing. womp-womp :(

      • Trenton South

        I know Jordan, such a bummer. I bet they’ll work with some tinkering. I know they’ve said in the past that their cx1 will work on an 11-32 Cassette with an X9 type 2. But I’ve seen people running an 11-36 with no problems

  • Seems like a rad set up for bikepacking.

  • recurrecur

    I’ve been running “Retroshift” levers since they first came out, and they’re just such elegant, simple – outright functional – things.

    The best of the STI/brifter accessibility in the cockpit, with the mechanical simplicity and serviceability of down tube/bar end shifters for those inopportune mechanical failures when you’re hundreds of miles from a passable bike shop.

  • Luke

    What bar tape is this?

  • Zach Roeder

    What are these handlebars? The shape is pretty interesting.

  • mp

    This is a bit of an aside, so forgive me… What’s the purpose of the drop instead of a flat/riser/curved handlebar for a mountain bike? I assumed it was mostly for folks that wanted to have similar hand/body positions to their road bike (see: John Tomac racing pro road/mtb:xc&dh). Ideally though for a mountain bike those hand positions aren’t great imo. For more hand positions or touring, I’d go the old school bar end route. Thoughts?

    • Well, first off, it’s not for racing, nor for any technical advantage. It’s just a different ride at that point. My indy fab is a rigid, non sus-corrected 29’r, so I’d use it on trails and as a bikepacking rig.

      Not everything needs a quantitative “reason”. It’s just something different and fun.

      • mp

        Different and fun is the best reason! :) Thanks.

    • Zach Roeder

      I’ve used dirt drops and enjoyed my time with them. For offroad use, drop bars need to be setup higher, such that the drops are the primary riding position. Ultimately, I switched back to flats for better hydraulic brake options.

      Here’s the link I usually send to people who are curious:

  • Gabriel DeFelippis

    Seem a bit pricey

  • Tim Guarente

    This is great – I’ve been waiting to step up to 1×10 on my cross bike, but wanted a clutched RD. I love the mechanical simplicity, and it’s a lot easier to maintain cables outside of bar tape than in. You don’t mention it here, but the brake cable pull is also adjustable, so use whichever brakes you have handy.
    And I can’t help but notice you’ve carried over their Dyna-Sys typo

  • Ross Weller

    I’ve been waiting for this to release for weeks so I’m excited but a bit bummed about the pricing compared to the CX models. Especially since it only ships as L/R set. It’s going to be a great 1x CX setup combined with a Shimano Zee but I don’t want to buy an expensive left shifter when a Tektro/Retroshift/Gevenalle brake lever will do. GOATS (I know you’re reading this): sell the right unit only or a GX1 set. You’ll get more people riding your stuff.

    • Ross Weller

      For reference, the CX1 is $50 cheaper than the CX2

  • @Ross – we love to make our stuff as high quality and inexpensive as we can. The GX requires a lot of hoof work with extra machining for second brake cable mounting point as well as more expensive parts. We can give you the number to our accounting department and they will surely bitch a royal fit and argue we are actually selling our CX for too little. Unlike our competitors most of this work is all done in the USA by aspiring CX racers needing income for the race season (traveling to races etc).

    @Zach – Bars are Metrone by Vision Tech.

    @Ham – Apex indeed a super shifter and sleeker with SRAM compatability. GX just offer the option of using Dyna-Sys Derailleurs and a tougher more durable and easily serviceable shift lever which might be desirable to some.

    The Goats

    • Ross Weller

      I totally understand the price bump (R/D, new machining, new parts) from CX to GX. And your price is very competitive compared to Shimano/SRAM/Campy, especially with the crash replacement policy. BTW, I’ve already talked to my shop about putting in an order! Go Goats!