Cadence Launches their Members-Only #SufferClub Jan 27, 2015


Marketing in the cycling apparel world is everything and Cadence is onto something with their new Suffer Club memberships. If you are constantly missing out on their limited edition kits, now’s your chance to get a head start on the masses with a once-a-year membership fee.

Head over to Cadence to read more.

  • Charles Southgate


    • JLN

      I always thought it was #GOTHLETIC

  • Dobry

    Heh. Punny name, I like it.
    I’m not the pay-now-so-you-can-be-the-first-in-line-to-pay-later type, but I can see the appeal with their cool kits. I’d probably sign up if I was cool.

    • AJ Tendick

      They at least have it setup where you get about $50 in exclusive gear (cap/bidon) and then about $50 off the kit and ongoing 15% and free shipping perks so it pays for itself if you were going to get that kit anyway. Not for me, but I do like their casual gear and think this is a neat idea for their bigger fans.

      • Dobry

        It pays for itself! It is a nice gesture, you’re right.

  • Tyler Shannon

    Didn’t people make fun of Rapha when they did this like a month ago? It’s cool now apparently.

    • I don’t think Cadence’s is as expensive, nor as exclusive as Rapha’s.

  • Anthony Serafin

    dont forget the eye liner

  • Jake Kruse