Boo Bicycles’ Ski Mounts for Fat Bikes Jan 6, 2015


I know there’s a big fat bike contingency out there, but do you also like to ski? If so, this product has piqued the interest of a few contributors to the site. Boo Bicycles makes a ski mount for bicycle racks. It doesn’t have to be a fat bike, either. Maybe there’s a bike rack at your ski lifts, or you just wanna get out of town for some cross country skiing. Whatever the motivation, this simple, yet effective solution has your name on it.

Made in the USA out of 6061 aluminum, these durable mounts are only $135 and are available for pre-order now at Boo Bicycles.

  • Kyle Kelley

    SO Rad!!

  • Liam Griffin

    Bummer that it only works with Tech binding systems.

  • Scott

    More mountaineering bikes. Please and thanks.

  • Sam Appelbaum

    This is great! Those racks look great for quick approaches. Here’s a set up I used on a few tours