Black Cat Cycles is Selling a Dreamy Road Machine Jan 15, 2015






Remember that Easton contest with Black Cat Cycles, the “Dream Bike” with the crazy painjob and choice components? Well, the winner of that bike, actually rode a larger frame, so Todd had to build him a new bike, resulting in a leftover model, which he’s now selling… See more below.

For $2,500 he’s letting the frame, fork and headset go, or you can holler at him for a price on the complete as shown. Here are the specs:

56cm effective top tube
55cm seat tube center to top
73 seat and head angles
75mm bb drop
410mm chainstay
6.25″ head tube with a zero stack bottom cup and a standard 1.125″ top cup.
Easton ec90 carbon fork
Cane Creek 110 headset

If you’re interested, shoot Todd an email. That’s a damn fine bike for a great price. Retail would normally be around $3,600…

  • Ultra_Orange

    That’s pretty rad, but is anyone else seeing this random “sponsored comment” about an electric guitar?

    • Yeah, shit sucks. I can’t disable them either. It’s all @Disqus’ doing…

      • I haven’t seen a sponsored comment yet (that is super lame of them to implement that). I wonder if AdBlock plus extension is playing some part in this?

        • Trevor H

          I don’t see it either and use AdBlock religiously. That may be the case…

          • …you guys do know that you’re also blocking the curated ads that actually help support the site. If you really love the site at least add it to your exception list.

          • I can see the ads on this site just fine and I’ve never had to modify my settings.

          • I did a quick check before posting and with AdBlock on I was getting the top add but missing the sidebar ads, though different configurations could easily change that. Glad to hear AdBlock isn’t always cutting things.

  • Stevey565

    thanks for the heads up. I think I might have snagged this

    • jealous!

    • barry mcwilliams

      Congrats! I’m glad you did, because I can’t afford it but I might have tried to convince myself that I could :)

    • What a gorgeous bike! Start the top ten list right here.

  • Eric Hancock

    I’m really glad it is too big for me.

  • Kyle Campbell

    That’s a really stunning bike, but i’ve never been crazy about the aesthetic of the EC90 stems. I’ve used a fair amount of Easton products (currently an EA90 stem and EC90SLX3 bars on my road bike) and they typically really appeal to me, as far as big box component brands go, but the EC90 stem is just a miss in my opinion. Again, speaking strictly in terms of aesthetics.

  • Keith Gibson

    so tempting…..good thing for my bank account i just bought a bike. But, N+!!!!

  • I like dura-ace, but it really looks out of place on this bike. The rest of this bike is just superb