Affinity Cycles Shop Rags and Phil Wood Products Jan 5, 2015


Brooklyn’s Affinity Cycles is pairing premium shop rags with Phil Wood products you can trust. Select one of three rag designs with Phil Wood Hand Cleaner or the rags with Phil Wood Grease.

  • Scott

    Thank you Affinity for delivering us from the torment of having to use non-boutique rags. Some uncouth cyclists out there may deem these superfluous, content to hack up old t-shirts and towels like a savage, but the better sort will truly appreciate the performance benefits of a quality product such as this.

  • G

    While were there, anyone knows the best way to clean dirty/oily rag ?

  • awesometown


  • I can has a cheeseburger

    This is from the Onion isn’t it… Good one..