Velo Orange’s New Dirt Drop Frame Looks Rad! Dec 18, 2014



I’m liking what I see here. Dirt drops, disc brakes, MTB tire clearances and a segmented seatstay… Check out more teasers and information at the Velo Orange blog. Seriously, that bike looks so good.

27 responses to “Velo Orange’s New Dirt Drop Frame Looks Rad!”

  1. Mr_Bridge says:

    Nice looking fork too! There’s more to segments than Strava…

  2. recurrecur says:

    The last few VO framesets have been so seriously good. This one looks like a beast.

    I had a feeling something like this was coming – they were showing off disc hubs at the Philly Bike Expo.

  3. bongofruit says:

    This frameset looks like it takes a lot of inspiration from Elephant Cycles’ NFE model.

  4. tony365 says:

    shit that looks phenomenal, looks like a super versatile drop-bar-mountain-camp-tour-shred-machine

  5. Whoa, that wishbone rear triangle with the threaded mounts looks great.

  6. Brendan Ault says:

    I’m sold if those are the 2.4 Ardents.

  7. Micah says:

    Holy shit! A Velo Orange disc frame! I’ve been waiting for this day.

    Hopefully this won’t be their only disc option.

  8. Aaron Beasley says:

    looks like the perfect “if I could only have one bike” bike.

  9. Matt says:

    uneven head tube sticking out never appeals to me, stilll pretty rad

  10. Kerry Nordstrom says:

    RADonneuring, surf the next wave y’all!

  11. Brian Sims says:

    Looks a lot like my Rawland Drakkar. Great concept. Room for proper MTB size tires, disc, drop bar, plenty of mounts. Hopefully the geometry is nice and low trail. I went the Drakkar over others like the Fargo, Vaya, or AWOL because the geometry was basically a longer wheelbase version of my DeSalvo, which rides like a dream loaded front or rear or unloaded. Nice work VO!

  12. Zachary Stone says:


  13. Theodor Rzad says:

    Diggin it VO! Curious about geometry.

  14. Darnell Sampson says:

    haha, i’ve always had a sense that those guys don’t really ride, they just like to take pictures and look cool. quick-releases: wrong side. cable housing…. installed by an amateur. they’re chasing salsa. good luck. hire a real mechanic before taking promo shots next time!

    • diddlebop says:

      Sorry, the last I want to do is burn myself when taking a wheel out if I flat. Potentially transferring oils to the rotor isn’t good either. Cable housing is kinda long, but it isn’t unreasonable.