Low Bicycles: MKII Track Frame Pre-Order Dec 21, 2014



Photos by John Daniel Reiss

Andrew Low has opened a pre-order for the MKII track frameset. This bike has been in development for a few years and is finally ready to be sold to the public. Pictured here is Marc Marino’s build. Get your order in today for a March-ish 2015 delivery.

  • Jaime De Pujadas

    Nice looking frame but a bit obnoxious with the logo placement

  • mat Terwilliger

    LOW offers 3 options when it comes to “logo placement”.

    Competition (pictured here)

    Go with clean if you want less logos.

    • Jaime De Pujadas

      Good to hear you offer options. competition is definitely not to my taste but I certainly like the frame you have put forth.

      • andrew low

        Thanks for the feedback Jaime, I guess I’m a little proud of my logo, but most importantly this frame was developed carefully and rigorously tested over the last two years to squeeze every bit of performance we could out of it. We are always happy to cut back on the decals if that is your taste ;)

        Thanks as always, John!


        • Jaime De Pujadas

          I realize that I came off a bit shitty with my original post. Again thanks for the clarification and keep up the good work!

  • Eric Hancock

    I like the logos; always loved the Low graphics. But are people really ordering these without knowing the geometry? I didn’t think Low was custom.

    • most people have no clue about geometries and leave it to the professionals (in this case Low). And as long as your toptube is about the right size you can make any bike fit..

      Beautiful bike by the way! Only the fork is a bit funky.

      • Mom’s Spaghetti

        “most people have no clue about geometries and leave it to the professionals”

        According to your comment, you do neither.

    • andrew low

      the geometry is listed on our website: