I Love Berkeley Supply! Dec 11, 2014

Eli, aka “extra cream cheese”, is one of the absolute nicest dudes you’ll ever meet. That is, if you happen to go to his shop in Denver, Berkeley Supply. His store sells only made in the USA apparel and even though Eli doesn’t talk about here, or show it for that matter, he’s got one of the sickest bikes from NAHBS last year too!

I hope you’re still riding your Avery County Cross dude.

Keep killing it! Nice video, Adam!

  • Inspiring Stuff.

  • charlesojones

    Like the store. Like the bike.

  • Patrick Murphy

    I met and chatted with Eli at the Charlotte NAHBS earlier this year, he’s a swell dude. He was so passionate about bikes I thought he was a builder at first. It’s awesome that people like him and brands like Berkeley get so strongly woven into the cycling tapestry.