2014 NAHBS: Avery County Cycles Cross

Inspired by the Audi Group B rally machines from the 80’s, this Avery County Cycles Cross bike is for Eli Cox, owner of Berkeley Supply in Denver. Josh from Avery, Eli from Berkeley Supply and Tyler from Pearl Velo make up the Tennyson Collective. They’re all good friends who have found Denver as their home.

Eli is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but that doesn’t mean he’s with the occasional heckling from Josh and Tyler. When he got serious about his health and wanting to ride a bike, he told Josh he wanted a cross bike with a wider gear range, that would be inspired by an Audi Rally car from the 80’s.

Josh usually does powder in-house, so for this one, he sent it off to Jordan Low, who in my opinion is killing it right now!

  • Ian Stone

    This bike is gorgeous. Well worth the wait.

  • Charles Southgate


  • caliente

    dat paint tho

  • yup! killed it with that one

  • EmaBen

    this is great in so many ways

  • CM

    simply stunning!

  • Wow!

  • Ham Sandwich

    post entries faster. tryin to live vicariously over here.

  • GeraldBowles

    Keep ’em coming!
    I think this is my favorite interpretation of a race car livery adapted for a bike. The connection between rally and cyclocross seems appropriate.

  • ezweave

    Now you need to post something about the other bike Josh built…

    • It’s a one man show… I’m doing my best! ;-)

  • h salinas

    First I see the CAAD10 in the Gulf-Porsche livery and now this, definitely a nice move in bike biz (nice whip too, feeling the head badge and serial on the BB shell! details, details, details…)

  • SWJH

    So jealous… Congrats Eli.

  • David

    friggin gorge. like woah. too good.

  • Something makes me love this bike.

  • AttackCowboy

    That head badge is inspired. Love the idea and the execution is spot on.

  • Keith Adams

    In picture #9, the way the stripe carries through on the cable exit – that’s details. Sexay.

  • Jamie McKeon


  • …and I somehow like the look of the shortish stem. What is it, 80 or 90mm? Anyway, it does look right.

  • Adan Pinto

    Very nice bike. I remember those cars…

  • Todd!


  • rothbriele

    …and I somehow like the look of the shortish control. What is it, 80 or 90mm? Anyway, it does look right.

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