#LARiverCampCoffee with the Los Angeles County Coffee Connoisseurs

Every Wednesday, a group of coffee enthusiasts wake up with the sun, pack their camping coffee setups on their bikes and meet in a small park on the LA river. There’s no requisite, just make coffee, chat and partake in the occasional donut.

Errin Vasquez organizes this gathering, which I first found out about on Instagram and this week, I got to hang out with this growing meeting at the Sunnynook River Park. Along with capturing the general vibes, I followed Jesse Carmody‘s brewing technique and shot photos of Errin’s Box Dog Bikes Pelican randonneur bike.

  • Micheal Boedigheimer

    Which park? I’ll be in L.A. over the holidays and would be fun to join.

    • Micheal Boedigheimer

      D’oh! Just saw you listed it, sorry.

  • Great to see some more photos of the meetup. Wish I could visit.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Great set, not just ’cause I’m in it :)

    Thanks Errin, for starting this thing. It’s a real nice part of my week.

    • I didn’t realize that was you! Say hello next time!

      • barry mcwilliams

        Haha! I did! I also rode w you, Sean T, Kjeld & the Rapha crew to Mtn. High on Stage 6 of this year’s AToC.

        • I just didn’t recognize you Wednesday morning.

  • Scott

    Fun concept.
    Makes me feel real lowbrow for my cowboy approach to camping coffee.

  • thebennonite

    Cool to see cameos from past “beautiful bicycles”

  • Thrasher

    Nice pics! Glad you could join us-

  • Errin has done a real mitzvah by creating this. Great pics, and great to meet you, John!

  • Chris Klibowitz

    Figures—I have a beautiful road bike at home, and my 20-year old, $150 clunker (photo #35) gets on here.

    Glad you liked the camp coffee meetup, John.

  • hans

    such a good time out there!

  • Just looked up Trystero Coffee based on the Pynchon reference alone.

  • Good to see you John! And great set.

  • Douglas McFarland

    What time does this happen?

    • Area45

      People are there from about 7am-8:30ish. Come by for as little or as long as you can.

  • bongofruit

    Someone should bring a porteur to the event and call it a “Caddy LACCC.”

  • Area45

    Thanks for all the pics John! You made it look like so much fun that I think I’ll go again next week!

  • Creg Thrmas

    Fantastic photos, I especially love the deal going down!

  • Great way to start a day. Good to see some old farts there!

  • Alex Wichman

    This looks really cool, but I’m not much into coffee. Would there be any problem with someone showing up with tea to brew instead?

    • I doubt anyone would mind

    • Area45

      Come out Alex! You don’t have to drink coffee. Happy to have ya.

  • Carlos

    Great idea! Perhaps if this group grows, you can incorporate handing out coffee to any homeless who are also rising with the sun that day :)

  • Andy

    I host the Blessing of the Bicycles every year during Bike to Work Week (14 years running!) at Good Samaritan Hospital. I would love to join you (7:00 – 8:30 am?) and would appreciate it if someone could teach me the proper coffee brewing technique. I have a Jet Boil with the coffee press but have not been able to brew a decent cup of coffee. Thanks, Andy

  • Ray Juncal

    Rode out to the Ballona Creek camp coffee Wednesday at 8:00 and there was no one there or at least I couldn’t find them. Beautiful day to ride along the beach and I stopped off at my pals shop to see his new Chrysler convertible.