Above Category: Red and White Mosaic RS-1 Dec 9, 2014



The newest bike of the week from Above Category has racing pedigree written all over it. Red and white will always look well balanced, especially with Campagnolo Record. See more of this Mosaic RS-1 at Above Category’s blog.

  • Thomas Alexander Peralta

    The tires somehow make this build, perhaps BECAUSE they don’t match anything else, not in spite of it. Reminds me of the compound color codes on Pirelli F1 tires.

  • professorvelo

    yeah, not usually a red and white fan, but this thing is smoking’ hot. It has that nod to the old school while still looking totally modern. Also agree about the tires… sometimes shit just works. boom.

  • AdamC

    Santa has a new delivery vehicle.

  • tony365


  • tertius_decimus

    Modern and classic mix pretty badly but this one shows otherwise. I can look at this stunner whole day. And to respond to green/red combo: these colors perfectly match, you just have to seek for proportions.

    • Jim Holland

      Modern and Classic mix badly!? Nonsense.

  • Kyle

    Anyone else think this was a Ritchey at first glance?

  • really don’t like the handlebars.. the rest is super nice!