Will Black’s Cielo Road Racer with Dura Ace

The Cielo Road Racer is a favorite of mine and of Chris King dealers everywhere. Over at Mellow Johnny‘s, store manager Will Black ordered this size large around the same time I was reviewing the chartreuse x-large. He went all in with Dura Ace, Chris King, ENVE rims and the bright orange paint.

Mellow’s has had this bike on the shop floor all week and it’s creating a bit of a stir. Such flash for such little cash, when compared to bikes in the same pricepoint and higher even.

I couldn’t help but wish I could have gotten photos of this bike up in time for Halloween…

  • nanelson

    Nice, curious what bars those are? Nice shape without being too compact.

    • My guess is Zipp…

      • doubt it, all zipp bars show the zipp logo both left and right of the stem

        • Maybe Ritchey?

          • Richard Smith

            Excellent bars, excellent shape. Not at all interesting or surprising or aero or ergo. Just good.

  • mywynne

    Whoo, very balleur. Mighty tempting frame.

  • Ham Sandwich

    sort of wish you never pointed out the awkwardness of the logo. now it bothers me a great deal.

    • It’s not bad on this bike ATMO. I think it goes well.

      • Ham Sandwich

        would need a few more white bits and it might look fine. IMHO ATMO.

        • Will’s white.

          • Ham Sandwich

            will black is white? thats racist.

  • Keith Gibson

    incredible bike, rides great.

  • jesselash

    Nice compression on that last shot. 70-200?

  • Western Rapid

    This is an awesome bike – welds and paint look better in real life than on Chris King’s website pics. Build’s pretty much spot-on, too. Was lucky enough to see it in the shop earlier this week. And I bumped into Andre too. Cool!

    • He said he talked to you. Glad you could see the shop!

  • Keith Gibson

    Will you come to NC and photo my bike? Great photos

  • Peperbek

    I just received my cielo and I’m really amazed by the quality and details on the frame.

  • arlcyclist

    Not to be that guy, but are those matte spacers by Whisky?

  • Bradley Tompkins

    So nice.

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    Glad to see the bright orange color schemes gaining popularity this year. I will say that I liked it before it was cool ;)

  • Marc Gasch

    That saddle is killing the bike IMHO…. :-) Maybe a Fizik Antares or a classic Arione will suit better?

    • caliente

      ditch the red!

    • Well… when you’re a life-long racer, you probably have some opinions about a bike saddle and hopefully, it’s more about fit than looks. That said, for you asthetiques…

      • Aaron

        Welp, I guess I’m color blind. Thanks for that.

      • Marc Gasch

        That’s true, I was just talking about looks…I would ride it with that saddle anyway :-) sick bike Will

  • Pat Knox

    What’s going on with the back of the seat tube? Right behind the top tube.

  • redhead322

    Will Black is a cool guy. He came to Houston to race BCRCX on Saturday, and then our shop’s Give Me Some Sugar CX on Sunday. It was fun watching him battle with Stefan both days (they were wheel to wheel for most of the BCRCX, a proper dogfight!). He can certainly bring the hurt on the young dudes out there…

  • loving the flash…

    • We’ve had real shit light here these past few days… Had to use it this day. It was dark at 3pm!

  • kimbo305

    Is that chip on the headbadge down to the metal?

    • WB

      Long story about that chip. I need to get it touched up.

      • kimbo305

        Heh. I was puzzled cuz nothing else was scuffed. As though someone shot an arrow at the frame.

  • stefanrohner

    Would be far nicer if the seat stays would join the ST at the same height the TT does.

  • too cool charlie

    drilled the rims for exposed nipples?

    • Trey Rozelle

      Agreed. I saw this wonderful bicycle yesterday and was a bit perplexed by the rims, they do not look like any Enve I’ve seen.

  • I said this before on the green one, but those CK stems looks so good on these bikes.

  • Max Bonaparte

    such a beauty… is this size large?