Jordan’s Sizemore Cross Tourer

Buying your first custom frame can be a daunting process, especially if you’re not 100% committed to a specific kind of bike, or intended function. I feel like this particular frame design, what I’m calling the cross tourer is a fairly common request for builders. It’s a cross bike with front rack braze-ons. While the front end’s trail isn’t ideal for a heavy load, the owner can put a light bag on the front and transform it to a S24 rig, or take the rack off and race cross on it just fine.

Jordan’s been drawn to the work of Taylor Sizemore for some time now, so when the time came to put a deposit down, he contacted Sizemore and put down a deposit. The end result is truly custom. Taylor takes the time to hand-paint various logos on each of his bikes, including his signature arrows on the head tube. As far as the geometry is concerned, the top tube is a bit longer than normal to eliminate toe overlap, resulting in a shorter stem, but same reach.

Fitted with Paul MiniMotos, White Industries cranks and hubs, this bike is as American as Smokey Bear… See more in the Gallery!

  • Dobry

    It’s amazing how well the republican tradition has taken hold that no one feels the need to commit to any specific king, even of bike.

    Seriously, though, this looks really close to the One-Bike-You-Should-Own paradigm. Well done all around.

    • Ham Sandwich

      oh snap! typo burn! jonathan probably you look FOOLISH.

    • Grrrr

      • Dobry

        You know you love it!

      • Dobry

        If I ever have to name a bike shop, it’ll be called Specific King of Bike.

  • Love the hand painted accents!

  • mywynne

    I dig it. Rough ‘n tumble.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Braaaap Sabbath!

  • Ooooh yes please!

  • Awesome bike! I really like the shorter reach, higher rise stem. Also, are those braze on mounts below the canti posts positioned for a front rack?

  • next level paint job and head tube badge. love it.

  • Aqua

    That seems to be the saddle of 2014.

  • Aqua

    All of these featured bikes make me want that saddle.

  • Chrue

    was wondering when klean kanteen bottles would finaly appear on this site ;)

    • They’ve been on here before, multiple times!

  • -Steven

    Those hand painted decals are savage on that green, especially the head tube badge!

  • Neckfat

    Man those seatstay caps are awesome in an artfully brute kind of way. totally flying in the face of the elegant italian tradition

  • Donald Stevenson

    Sizemore is my hero, and this beautiful machine is beautifully photographed in its native habitat. Love the schmeer of white across the bike number. Not enough superlatives for this one.