Golden Saddle Rides: Haunted Hollows Stinner Off-Roadie

Golden Saddle Rides: Haunted Hollows Stinner Off-Roadie
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

I guess this bike would be a little more Halloweeny if it was black and orange, but what the HELL, it’s not!

Stinner Frameworks provided the skeleton, and we installed the costume.

Matt, the owner of this bike knew exactly what he wanted. A no nonsense road bike that could take large enough tires to really get dirty. The Velo Orange Grand Cru brakes are what made his decision to go standard caliber, over a cantilever or Mini-Moto style brake. Besides the Chris King bits, the bike is outfitted with a full Ultegra kit. The ENVE bar and seatpost are keeping Matt comfy on long dirty rides. Be it road or dirt the bike is always outfitted with some skin walls, duh.

Matt is in the camera business, meaning he makes all his bicycle money by using those wonderful instruments. Matt is a traveling man too and that meant he needed a traveling bike and now he has one. Because of the S&S Couplers, the bike can packed down into a hard case and disguised as camera gear. Matt’s basically living the dream!

You can see some of his bicycle work at Team Dream, Tracko and here at the Radavist.


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  • Everytime I see a Stinner on your site, I love it. I may need one. (That mango ksutomcaps headset cap doesn’t hurt either ;)

  • Tyler Morin

    Really digging all of these Stinner bicycles. Great stuff!

  • lars

    Beautiful! Room enough for a set of Jack Brown’s and miles of style.

  • hans

    way to go Matt! Let’s do some night rides!

  • Bradley Tompkins

    That is so fine…..lusting after something like this right now.

    • Bradley Tompkins

      P.S. that light setup is HOT. What is the scoop on that?

      • SON hub and E3 lamp. Super bright, not recommended for road use but you can always tilt it down. Worth every penny, IMO.

  • mywynne

    Love it, not a thing to nitpick or change!

  • Sebastian

    Oh man, that’s beautiful. Really well-shot too, John, the last one captures that particular autumn quality of light perfectly.

    • Kyle shot these!

      • Sebastian

        Whoops. Missed that.

  • boomforeal


  • David

    Salivating right now, thinking about this Stinner, my road Stinner at home, and my future cross Stinner Aaron and Chris have just taken order for!

  • tony365

    Smok’n, that thing is just awesome, the light here in California is really nice right now to boot, Groovy pics