The 2014 Langtown “Cross Race” – Matt Irwin

The 2014 Langtown “Cross Race”
Photos by Matt Irwin, words by Sean Talkington

What is Langtown? This is Langtown! This backyard venue was made famous when it used to facilitate motocross races in the late 90’s. If you like to party, then Langtown is easily Southern California’s best race.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to take part this year because of a stupid wedding (just kidding Jesse/Ariel and congratulations!) so I asked Matt Irwin to shoot “a few” images for the Team Dream Tumblr page. The gallery he created looked so fun and was larger then a Tumblr can facilatate so we thought it would be better suited here on The Radavist. Primarily because Matt’s images are awesome and realistically only my mother views the Team Dream site (I know this because I now have Google analytics).

Anyway, it’s a party. Or it’s a race. Actually, it’s both. It’s Langtown….

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  • Mike

    Goddamn it.

    • Mike

      i almost fell off that damn cross over. thanks for the photos Matt!

  • hans

    damn i shouldn’t have missed this! glad you didn’t fall off that thing Mike Kim! Rad photos Matt!

  • charlesojones

    Shit, that looks like a good time!

  • If anyone is wondering what the deal is with all the ladies wearing “SWAT” patches and caps, they’re She Wolf Attack Team, my good friends, and you can meet them here:
    They sure brought a lot of party to Langtown!

  • Lars

    I want that growler.

  • Kyle Kelley

    Great choice for the gallery pic!

  • Pocket whiskey shots. Genius.