Scott’s Rock Lobster Cyclocross Race Bike

If I were to ever want an aluminum cross bike, I would go to one man: Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster. His signature mint green frames are iconic and every time I see one, I can’t help but stop the owner and ask them about their bike. Everyone builds these differently, there’s no official Rock Lobster build group. While many prefer the “team issue” golden Paul touring cantis, Scott went the way of the black MiniMoto, matched with SRAM’s Red cross group and White Industries hubs. My favorite little detail, however, are the Paul quick releases.

At this weekend’s races, I snatched this bike from Scott’s team, Embros’ tent and took it out for some photos. It was remarkably the same size I’d ride so I got a feel for what it’s like to ride one of these iconic bikes.

Best of luck this season, Scott and remember, Rubber Side UP!

  • Trenton South

    Paul is one rad Dude. I see him every weekend racing in the local Central Coast Cyclocross Series here in The Santa Cruz/Monterey Area. Super humble, and is rocking some Awesome Skull & cross bone Cantilever Cable Carriers on his Own mint green frame

  • boomforeal

    is he running two chainrings up front with very close gearing, or a front drl with a 1x drivetrain?

    • Bradley Tompkins

      Looks like a tight double to me

    • Robert Hest

      He’s running 38-44 130 BCD. I haven’t seen that brand of chainrings before. Anyone know what they are?

      • marco primo

        Zanconato rings. He makes a pretty mean cross bike too.

  • Alexander Taylor


  • cookietruck

    those are zanconato rings bros

  • I still feel like Rock Lobster has the best headtube logo. And the bikes are pretty cool too…alright, really rad!

  • Nice wheels! ;)

  • hans

    Paul Sadoff is the best dude!

  • Luke

    Awesome colour!