Matteo’s Pearl Grey Stinner Road Oct 23, 2014


Photos by Matthew Miller

As a small frame building operation, you often enlist the aid of your friends, in similar sized, adjacent creative companies. Whether it’s a web developer, or in this case, a photographer, knowing the right people can really help get your work out there.

Case in point is Matteo and Aaron Stinner‘s relationship. Matteo shoots all of Stinner’s bikes, with the most recent being his own road. Built with Chris King, SRAM Red and a Thomson cockpit, Aaron and Matteo took the time to concoct the best mixture for paint.

This grey color powder has pearl and flake built in, resulting in a powder that looks like wet paint Something that is not easily captured in photos… yet Matteo did.

See more below!







  • Chrue

    nice set! really like the post processing, epecially the tones of the sky. one thing tough: having two highlights, one from the flash (cold) and one from the sun (warm) is kind of irritating (to my eye).
    ..and i like it, when the valves are lined up, right on the point where the tire touches the ground. but again, subjective feeling ;)

    the bike itself is delicious, looks like the super-deluxe version of my own roadbike! black and grey color scheme is hard to beat.

    • Joe Roggenbuck

      I always fix that in Lightroom by desaturating the blues. Of course that doesn’t always work, but many times it does if you white balance it to the warmer light source. And these photos are awesome regardless!

  • Paul

    11 speed on a king classic?????

  • Beautiful. I just scored a Stinner from eBay a few months ago. Insane quality of welds and finish. One of the best bikes I’ve owned. Anyone looking for a new ride should consider him.