Peter’s Richard Sachs Team Bike with Campagnolo Chorus 11

It’s almost cross season here in Austin, with the first race of the season coming this weekend, everyone’s dialing in their race rigs. So it goes without saying that everywhere you ride these days, you’re being bombarded with balleur bike builds. Take for example, Peter from Mellow Johnny’s new (to him) Richard Sachs team cross bike.

While I’m not sure of the exact year, knowing Richard’s internet presence, I’m sure he’ll be able to chime in – especially with that fork crown detail.

Peter went with Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed on this bike, with matching Zipp bar, stem and post, topping it off with Chris King R45 hubs, laced to HED Belgiums. When you photograph a Richard Sachs, you end up just hitting all of his logos and lug work, both of which were given meticulous presence by none other than Joe Bell himself.

I gotta say, riding bikes to shoot them is fun, but this was a pleasure…

  • Tom

    As nice as the new House Industries livery is, I still have a soft spot for this paint scheme (although also understand wanting to “retire” it) . Looks amazing with a Campagnolo group!

  • Nice! Add discs and that thing is perfect!

    • Uhhh. What? No way. It’s a Richard Sachs!

      • charlesojones

        Some things are best left unchanged.

        P.S. Great shots. Thanks for posting it.

        • Seriously. Canti’s are just fine on a steel bike.

  • hans

    goddammit i love the look of high profile cantis!

  • Jerry Bowles

    That fork crown looks really similar to the one on my Rivendell. I wonder if there is any relation.

    • cork grips

      yep, sachs has designed lugs for grant petersen.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Hey John, are you or have you done a write up about how to get into Cross riding? I’ve read a few of the pieces you’ve written about racing already. Something I’m interested in trying, but I’m shy a bike and not sure what to build, besides low gearing and canti breaks

    • Sure thing. I’ll work on one soon!

    • btdubs

      Step 1: get a cyclocross bike
      Step 2: ride/race it
      Step 3: have fun

      • Rob Maybach

        Step 2.5: don’t get discouraged when you puke/come in dead last/don’t even finish or all 3 during your first couple of races (seasons?)

        • Tom

          Definitely. Post-race finish line pukes have been synonymous with my CX experience.

    • alex

      1 season in here, buy what ever you can find locally that fits, ride it lots, ride around parks to get the feel, ride intervals as hard as you can to get the legs, then get ready to suffer and make new friends.

  • chris campbell

    When I bought the frame the previous owner showed me several images from around 2002-3 of RS bikes just like this. The fork crown was very noticable. If this had been a little smaller I would have enjoyed riding it. Peter is a great guy and as it turns out another RS was just waiting for me!

  • schue113

    I’m always left wondering how other people’s bikes, especially cross bikes, aren’t covered with scuffs and scratches. You ride enough, you crash enough. I mean, look at Chas’ clapped out lime green Cinelli proto. You can SEE the rides.

    • He also locks that bike up hundreds of times a day… I maybe lock my cross bike up once a month.

    • Matt

      Chas’ bike, in addition to being locked up, is also painted in rattle can with no clear coat. Basically a finish that’s going to get completely scratched up.

  • Richard Sachs

    My guess? It’s Bill Skinner’s 1999 team frame atmo.[email protected]/sets/72157600705934981/

    • thebennonite

      It’s curious to see bar-end shifters on one of his bikes. Easier to shift in cold temperatures than STIs of that era?

  • Jamie McKeon

    the belgiums work so well with this…

  • Gábor

    Nice. Really cool the logo.

  • Amazing new bike by Richard Sachs.

  • Peter Finklea

    When I purchased the frame, it said to be Tyler Johnson’s old team bike. The serial number is “TYJOCX”. Not sure what year that would have been. Thoughts..anyone..Richard??

    • Tyler Johnson

      If it says TYJOCX it’s totally mine. I have great memories on that bike, and some good podiums and my only UCI win in 2004. If you are ever interested in selling it I would to take it home to Chester.

      • Peter Finklea

        Hey Tyler, It’s definitely is yours. I’m proud to have it. Still rides like a dream. Especially with 38c, Compass Barlow Pass tires. I’m definitely a Richard Sachs fan. I was planning on keeping it for a long time. However, if you can get your hands on a 56cm RS CX frameset, I may swap with you. Seems poetic somehow.