Kryptonite’s New Messenger Mini Sep 23, 2014


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thought about fabricating something like this add-on shackle. Genius. The only thing is eliminates from the usability of the lock is the tuck-it-in-the-belt-loop portage trick.

Available this winter from Kryptonite.

  • Justin

    Does shackle rotate around the U so that it could be tucked into a pocket? Would prob add weight enough to contribute to pocket sag.

    • It rotates, yes. I’d probably just drop the whole thing in a basket or bag, rather than try to tuck it into my pants.

  • Stuart

    In the pic linked below the shackle looks plenty long enough to lock the frame and wheel without the secondary shackle which, like you say, is going to stop you quickly storing the lock in your belt.

    I’m sure there are better “in use” examples out there, this one makes it look like a solution in search of a problem – if you’re super concerned about security and don’t mind the added inconvenience, why not carry two locks?

  • Raving Elk

    If they make another version that is a bit bigger I will buy one.
    something that’s just enough to lock both wheels of a track bike to the frame and signpost.

    Love that it looks like a heart!

  • Ryan Combdon

    I’ve been told by Kryptonite that the add-on shackle will not be sold separately and works with 11mm diameters. So, if you have an existing mini-5 U-lock, the add-on won’t fit because it’s a 13mm diameter on the mini-5. Still a great design.

  • It is – according to Sheldon Brown – absolutely sufficient to lock the rear wheel through the triangle to secure the frame. Thieves would have to cut rim, tires and tube to set the frame free.

    • except for the front wheel and besides, that’s been disproven a dozen times. There are youtube videos on it.

      • There are videos on everything… e.g. lockpicking by the way ;-)
        Battery driven circular saws / cutting wheels will change the game of locking and stealing anyways.

        • There’s a video of a dude taking a $5 hacksaw to a rear wheel in less than 20 seconds. I just spent a minute on Youtube and can’t find it though.

          • Ngarto

            it’s the first result if you type in ‘sheldon lock method’

          • Shane Johnson

            It’s this one…I don’t use the Sheldon Method after watching it.


          • Matt Dangerfield

            Whoa. OK, time to change my SOP.

          • maxii123

            Was that wheel properly tensioned? Blimey. Time to change strategy after all.

          • damn!

  • scott

    This could be so much better if the keyhole was on the flip side; If the key hole is not easy to access then a drill and bit can’t access. Keep on improving. The thieves are too.