All City and the Women’s Bicycle Messenger Association


All City and the Women’s Bicycle Messenger Association

All-City has teamed up with the Women’s Bicycle Messenger Association on a limited edition cycling cap. This is for an amazing cause and for more information on the project, continue reading below.

“We are beyond excited to bring you this collaboration cap in partnership with the Women’s Bicycle Messenger Association. This is an organization who’s mission we fully believe in and that our team riders are leaders within. Using our platform to help further their reach and awareness of their activities is an honor. We hope that you will join us in celebrating the good work that they are doing within the urban cycling community.

WBMA Mission Statement
The WBMA exists to develop and support a network of women/trans/femme folks within local and international bike messenger communities. Our mission is to increase the visibility of women, trans and femme couriers and unify them around the world.


  • Equality: Through actively showcasing women/trans/femme identified people employed in the industry and participating in events, we can positively build and support progress in cultural norms. We support a move towards equal hiring processes, equal prizes at events, and the creation of standards for organizing races which include and celebrate non-cis-male participants.
  • Empowerment: Through WBMA sponsored prizes, incentives, and events, we can encourage more WTF folks to be couriers and to compete in races, both locally and internationally. We will build a space where women who are already actively working and racing are able to encourage new messengers to race and to organize.
  • Networks: Often times there are only a few women working as messengers within a city, which can sometimes be alienating or discouraging. Finding like-minded folks who have had similar experiences is powerful and really fun. We are building a forum, both online and in-person at events, where these experiences can be discussed and shared.

WBMA Cap worn here by team rider and WBMA member Nikki Munvez A chunk of the proceeds from this cap will go to further support their efforts. These caps are in stock now, and retail for $28.”