Prepare Yourself For the Most Expensive Bicycle Lock Ever


Prepare Yourself For the Most Expensive Bicycle Lock Ever

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If you are a Captain America type, who likes to mink oil his Redwings, press his jeans, only ride American-made frames dressed with Chris King, White Industries, PAUL and the like while you eat your local granola dribbled with local honey then I found a lock for you. But you’ll have to give me a few minutes between mustache waxing…

Granted, that’s a bit of an extreme picture to paint. We all have tendencies, myself included and part of the reason I really like some of Abus’ locks is because they’re made in Germany. Same reason I like Panaracer and Continental tires. Domestic production doesn’t always coincide with excessive wealth or expense. Wald baskets are $20, King Cages are $30 and so on.

However, if I were so head-over-cleats with US-production, this made in the USA Shinola chain lock, clad in Horween leather would match my Helm boots just fine. Why oh why didn’t they do it up in Oxblood though?!?!

Yet as I said, $285 is a lot of coin! Unless you’re British, then the conversion comes to £182.87. Wait, that’s still a lot of quid!