Hippie Daredevils Who Invented Mountain Biking Sep 19, 2014


This story fits in with the vibes of the site today so well. Collector’s Weekly has a great story up featuring Joe Breeze and the infamous Repack race. Head over to check out the full story.

  • BikesAndCoffee

    If you’re ever in that neck of the woods give a shout out, would be stoked to show you around the local trails

    • I would absolutely LOVE that!

    • cyclepath

      aren’t those trail illegal?

      • Jake Riehle

        They’re totally open to cycling. I rode a ton of them this summer and “attempted” to cruise down Cascade Canyon Road. It’s crazy to imagine them bombing them on 50lb cruisers. If you’re looking for a great trail map. Check these out! http://www.krebscycleproducts.com

      • BikesAndCoffee

        Most are, some are grey area, some are open, Tamarancho and China Camp are the 2 areas with legal single track (but there’s tons or fire roads around too, great for a adventure cross bike like thing). Helps to have a local show you around.

        Also, shameless plug to support trail access and win free stuff! http://www.access4bikes.com/ridemarin/

  • Kyle Kelley

    Best vibes.

  • Jake Kruse

    away from the cops, cars, and concrete

  • I’m quoted at length in the article. My book on the subject has just been published by VeloPress. It’s called “Fat Tire Flyer.”

    • I bought a copy from you at Interbike. Love it!