All the Flavors of the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team by House Industries Sep 6, 2014


Richard Sachs and House Industries tried something new this year for their cyclocross team, Four bikes, four different hues and they all look amazing. Thanks to Dan Chabanov for sharing! See all four bikes below.





  • mp

    I’ll take the yellow one – thanks! ;)

  • zuhair

    That red one… we’re entering dream bike territory, folks!

  • carl bradtmiller

    notice the clipped koolstop pads, a great chatter reducing trick

    • tony365

      Apparently thats not why R.S. started doing that, I remember seeing a video of him hacking of the ends, he does it so the pads clear the forks when the brakes are open.

      • RS did it because his pads wouldn’t fit inside his blades!

        • tony365

          awe, thats why, thanks. could of sworn i saw a video were he didn’t like the fact that they hit the paint when open but I think I put that part in, cheers.

          • Richard Sachs

            This ^ is correct atmo. The pads do fit; I simply show them who’s boss.

          • awesometown

            I bow to thee, great bicycle god!

  • Hollis Duncan

    I recognize the bottom steed as Brittlee’s. Force 10 FTW

  • Kevin

    Hand pin striped wheels? whaaaa?

  • Rex Lombardi

    Instant classics. Can´t see enough of them. Perfect union of frame, components and graphics/paint. And they will never be available for us :(

  • Spencer Olinek

    I wish his masterpieces could ever be available to the rest of us. These are just amazing.

  • And still with cantis. Love.

  • Peter

    they all use the same saddle?
    They all use the same spokes and spoke count?
    We can see for the frames and the bar setups that they’re all very different riders….it surprises me that these two other details are the same throughout

  • Shiftless WhenIdle

    Selby Jr., Sumlin, Hefner & Humphries. Nice.