The 2014 Interbike Super Duper Ginormous Gallery Day 03

This is it, the final day of Interbike. My shutter finger is sated for the time being, my feet are sore and It’s been a busy week. I think I’ve hit all the booths I wanted to, along with some requests… Vegas is rad and all, but I’m ready to roll on home to Texas. Thanks to everyone who hung out and chatted this week. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Enjoy the largest gallery to ever grace this site and again, feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

  • Ian Stone

    Were some of these retailers only there on select days? I feel like I missed a bunch I wanted to see.

  • big red!

  • James Acklin

    Tubeless Rock n’ Roads. Wow.

    • Trevor H

      I’m curious if those will be 700×43 or if he’s only going to do 650bx43 like he has mentioned on his site…

      • Chris

        He will have both from what I’ve read.

      • He’s doing both but only the 27.5 is tubeless right now.

      • Kerry Nordstrom

        I’ve been running my regular ol’ RnRs tubeless for 2,500 miles with no issues. The key is finding a tubeless rim that mates well with the tire and using Gorilla Tape or some other rim bed liner that will make a tight fit for the bead against the rim.

  • David

    Chumba bikes are screaming FUN in all caps. They look hot. Also need them Paul disc brakes/dick breaks.

  • AttackCowboy

    Oh man, I need the RW&B Paul Bottle Opener/15mm for my Nature Boy Zona. All kinds of matching when I adjust my brakes!

  • Dan Shust

    Thanks for the coverage John!

  • Isaiah Kramer

    Slick baggage on the Sam Hilborne, Who’s the manufacturer? Looks almost like a sleeker Sackville

  • brewin

    Where can you get that Smokey the Bear sticker?

  • K0bi

    Man that Retrotec is sweeeeet!

  • Jim

    What’s rear light on the firefly ?

    Thanks for the coverage.

    • abelincoln


  • Majaco

    Mmmmmm, that Silca!!

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    That Breadwinner B Road is still my dream bike.

  • caliente


  • caliente

    Red Bull should really sponsor a road team. That scott bike looks dope!

  • Miles Away

    Do you know whos bag Nitto is displaying?

  • DominicBruysPorter


    is probably the best cycling shirt i’ve seen in ages

  • Like the photos too!