Pearl Velo is Closing Its Doors Aug 27, 2014


When Tyler from Pearl Velo emailed me last month, saying he was going to be closing the shop’s doors on September 1st, I was pretty bummed out. Granted, the only time I have been to Pearl Velo was during the Denver NAHBS and the #Outsideisfree party, but I was impressed with the community’s support of the shop, even during a blizzard.

What Pearl Velo stood for is what we need in US bike shops: selling an experience, not just products. The shop was small, but you could see an intent through it all. Tyler really believed in what he was doing, unfortunately, like everyone, his life changed and as a father, he wanted to spend more time with his family.

If you’re in Denver, swing through Pearl Velo and give Tyler a high-five.

  • Patrick Estrella

    Tyler is the raddest of dads

  • Tyler you’re an awesome dude, an inspiration, and I could truly tell you loved everyone that came through your shops doors. When I moved to Denver last fall the first place I explored in the neighborhood was your shop. I’ll be disappointed that I cant just stroll down, ask your some questions, and drool over parts. Best of luck with your endeavors, keep killin it!

  • Jacob Felton

    Yeah dude, the few times I got to kick it were great, hopefully there will be more to come.

  • sturtlovinggood

    Happened to be in Denver for the weekend. Rode out to the shop and it was already closed. Sad face.