Pearl Velo

I feel like this goes without saying but Pearl Velo, Berkeley Supply Co and Avery County Cycles really left a great impression on me and just about everyone else who was visiting for this year’s NAHBS. These three shops have created a really admirable energy through their spaces and the shop owner’s faces.

Pearl Velo would fall into what I’d like to call a neo bike shop. While it is full-service, Tyler won’t hesitate to send work down the street to the larger shop. You walk in the doors and everything is merchandised with thought. Its surfaces are clean and orderly, so much so that you almost don’t want to touch anything, but you do anyway. Tyler sells everyday accessories from brands you trust, he carries complete bikes and frames from the manufacturers you probably ride and as previously stated, his own branded products are worthy souvenirs.

To top it off, Tyler’s father hand-painted each of the wooden signs outside the shop. They’re so beautiful that I had to shoot the first couple of photos in the Gallery with my Mamiya 7ii to capture the color and light just right. Check out more photos in the Gallery and shop info below!

Pearl Velo
4301 Tennyson Street
Denver Colorado 80212

Tuesday – Friday 11AM — 6PM
Saturday 11AM – 5PM
Closed Sunday and Monday

  • bgrymes

    Pearl Velo does coffee? This could be wonderful news.

  • Eric Bell

    Awesome Tyler! Ebell.

  • b_drum88

    It interests me that they sell Poler stuff. That it is a brand which I completely do not understand. I’ve checked out their bags in person and none of their product seems to be of any worthwhile quality, especially for the price. To me they seem like all lifestyle marketing without much to actually back it up. Anyway, sorry for the rant. Just seemed odd that what seems to be a fairly legit bike shop was carrying so much of their stuff.

  • Awesome, i am def. going to swing by this place when i visit Colorado again soon.

  • What make is that red-strapped saddle bag? The little triangle makes me think it’s Poler – but it’s not on their site…

    • You should go with a Carridice. I think that particular one is Zimbale, the knock-off of the Carridice.

      • I run a smaller Zimbale some of the time and they’re well built enough, but I would have swung for a Carrradice if I had the cash at the time. Tough as nails for a knockoff.
        interestingly, the company was actually founded by some folks in the textile industry who were tired of never being able to get Carradice products in their part of the world (Korea I think) and the prohibitive costs of importing the bags.