Seek and Diverge: Deux North’s Hunt 4 in NorCal – Andy Bokanev

Seek and Diverge, Deux North’s Hunt 4 in California
Photos by Andy Bokanev and words by Dylan Nord

In the months leading up to the trip, Deux North’s Hunt 4, we were all focused on miles. Like most of us, I’d done a few big days on the bike before, 8+ hours in the Rapha Gentleman’s Ride or a trip upstate, but never back-to-back-to-back. None of us knew exactly what to expect on the third day, when we would all line up to race the King Ridge Grasshopper Adventure Series.

Seek and Diverge: Deux North’s Hunt 4 in Northern California

After a few months of putting in 200+ mile weeks, our group collected in the lobby of our hotel in Morgan Hill, CA, noticing the free apples, then the pool. Later, we dried off and shuttled to Specialized HQ to meet our new bikes and take a ride just long enough to reach barbecue. A few miles away from the office and we were out of suburbia and into the rolling hills on Morgan Hill. It was late afternoon and the California light was showing off its Midas touch. It seemed nonchalant to the local guys, just their lunch ride route, but damn, it was beautiful.

Seek and Diverge: Deux North’s Hunt 4 in Northern California

Over the next three days, we rode north to Santa Rosa. We covered 300 miles, 30,000 ft, 24 hours of riding time, 2 campsites, too many Probars, and 4, maybe 5 crashes, with 30% dirt. I learned that California has this incredible density of beauty. Breathtaking views seemed to be around every bend and on the top of every climb. But while the beauty was consistent, it presented itself each time in a new way, through different elevations and ecological zones.

Seek and Diverge: Deux North’s Hunt 4 in Northern California

Looking over the edge onto miles of fog, I felt like I was leaning over a hot air balloon. Thick Sequoia forests reminded me of Jurassic Park. Any impression the miles and feet of climbing could have left, were crushed by the impressions left by the view to Mavericks, the Golden Gate Bridge, the scorching sun along King Ridge, and a hundred kinds of dirt and gravel.

Seek and Diverge: Deux North’s Hunt 4 in Northern California

On the final day, our group lined up to race the King Ridge Grasshopper Series, but we all knew it wouldn’t matter how we finished. That day was all about time and place, because even though we will all ride in California again, it will never be like it was that first time, in those new places.


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  • hans

    really fantastic shots. thanks for this

  • Josh Caffrey

    Nice job dudes!

  • Tyler Johnson

    Suspension seatpost?

  • Abraham Perez-Negron

    new roubaix?

  • brennan

    It is the new Specialized Diverge with their new XC dropper post.

  • Agleck7

    Thought I recognized Highland Way then saw Summit. Sweet

  • Kyle Kelley

    How did they fit those tents in their jersey pockets? that is amazing!

    • I think they stuffed them into the seat tubes

  • redhead322

    Do you know of the top of your head what company makes the Deux North kits? Both the bibs and jersey look quite nice. Thanks in advance!