Merckx Mondays Jun 2, 2014


I love everything about this grouping – the water bottle, not the bourbon! – well, I love the bourbon too, but this is about the bottle. Man, my brain is rattled today…

WTF Kits has these three bottles available as a pack, with a Whiskey, Foxtrot and Tango theme. Personally, I couldn’t let this go without posting the Molteni Whiskey bottle for Merckx Mondays. Head over to WTF Kits to pick up the whole set.

Also, that Old Blowhard is the best bourbon I’ve had in a long time. Read up on it! The short story: it’s made from long-lost 26 year old Van Winkle barrels found on the Stitzel-Weller distillery property.

It’s damn good and you can actually buy it… unlike Van Winkle.

  • ezweave

    Blowhard ain’t Stitzel-Weller. They fessed up that it’s Berheim. I have some real S-W Old Fitz from 72 and it’s much different. See and good old Chuck,

    • All I said is that it was ” found on the Stitzel-Weller distillery property” ;-)

      • ezweave

        Fair enough! It is good, I think it’s way too much for what it is, but… the Barterhouse is terrible (just ask Cody Baker).

        • You’re crazy. It’s a 26 year old Bourbon. I don’t think Cody has enough experience with the old stuff to say what’s good and what is not. The Barterhouse is exceptional. Best $75 you can spend IMO. I literally had the 25 Winkle and the 26 Old Blowhard back to back and thought the Blowhard was way better.

          Have you seen my cabinet, bro? ;-)

          • Cody Baker

            Hey you two, leave me outta this! John as you mentioned different palates lead to different opinions much like different taints lead to different saddle preferences. Unbeknownst to popular urban mythology I do have substantial experience with the “old stuff” including old bikes, old bourbons, and old peg legged sea whores.

          • I totally baited you on that! ;-)

          • Cody Baker

            Blasted viking trickery!

          • ezweave

            Eh. I think it’s all Diageo marketing. Try Barterhouse next to Weller 12 and see what you think. not that you can find it but William LaRue, at nearly the same price, blows it away.

  • odenator

    Just nabbed a bottle of the Blowhard…. and the set of water bottles because WTF, why not?
    Thanks for the reco!