Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays

I love everything about this grouping – the water bottle, not the bourbon! – well, I love the bourbon too, but this is about the bottle. Man, my brain is rattled today…

WTF Kits has these three bottles available as a pack, with a Whiskey, Foxtrot and Tango theme. Personally, I couldn’t let this go without posting the Molteni Whiskey bottle for Merckx Mondays. Head over to WTF Kits to pick up the whole set.

Also, that Old Blowhard is the best bourbon I’ve had in a long time. Read up on it! The short story: it’s made from long-lost 26 year old Van Winkle barrels found on the Stitzel-Weller distillery property.

It’s damn good and you can actually buy it… unlike Van Winkle.

Topo Designs


Topo Designs

The classics never go out of style, they just get a facelift, or in this case, a splash of color. In the years that Denver’s Topo Designs has been in business, they’ve striven for American-made portage that has a modern façade with a classic silhouette. All of their bags are manufactured in a LEED-certified facility at the foothills of the Rockies and while their bags aren’t designed specifically for cycling, they are versatile, durable and innovative.

I had the opportunity to visit Topo’s design and shipping facilities while I was in Denver and was immediately pulling out my card to make some purchases. From a new (out soon) backpack that stuffs into a pocket, padded laptop carriers (out soon), to their classic Klettersack backpack, nesting bags and even their accessories like the Web Belt and Liberty co-branded water bottle, I put a dent in my checking account!

I’ve honestly never purchased them before because I never saw anything Topo made in person. In this case, seeing and feeling was believing. With high-quality, wear-reducing cordura on the bottoms of their bags, you’ll have them for years with no issues.

Check out more photos from my Shop Visit to Topo Designs in the narrated gallery and check your local Topo retailler here.