The Quick and Easy Tanner Goods Porter Handlebar Bag


The Quick and Easy Tanner Goods Porter Handlebar Bag


When it comes to a touring bike, the randonneur bag or Wald basket will reign supreme for front-end portage, but not every bike has rack mounts. In the case of a classic road bike, or MTB, strap on handlebar bags are the simplest solution to carrying extra cargo around town.

There are countless options, ranging from cordura, to cotton, but for those looking for something a little classier, check out the Tanner Goods Porter Handlebar Bag. I’ve been keen on trying one out since the line was first launched and since using mine for around a month, I’m loving it…

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At $160, it ain’t cheap, but you really get what you pay for. Horween leather straps, a waxed canvas body and sturdy, brass hardware means this thing ain’t going to fall apart on you after a year of heavy use.


The profile is around 5″ in diameter and there are two pockets on either side for tools or “safety meeting devices”. Each pocket is protected by these nice flaps.


Coming in at 10″ wide, the Porter Handlebar Bag will fit just about any bike. Even on a MTB with hydraulic lines and shifter housing. I’ve found the bag sits just fine behind the cables.


The front access has a two-zipper closure, so you can open it from either end.


It’s simple, sturdy and I can’t wait for it to age with heavy use.


Yes, it’ll fit a tallboy or a 375ML bottle of bourbon… Because, summer is coming.


These bags are made to order, so allow up to three weeks for yours to be shipped. They come in Burnt Oak (pictured), Field Tan and Charcoal.