I’m Heading to the L’Eroica Britannia with Brooks England Jun 9, 2014

L’Eroica Britannia

Next week, I board a plane and hop the pond over to the UK. It’ll be the first time there with a bike and while I’m not bringing anything from my personal stable, I’ll have something vintage to ride, donated graciously by Brooks England.

The mainstay for the trip is the L’Eroica Britannia, a new take on the classic Italian event, at home in The Peak District, UK. Over 1,600 riders will depart on three rides (33 miles, 50 miles and 100 miles) on pre-1987 steel bicycles.

You should check out this interview at the Brooks England Blog and more information at the L’Eroica Britannia website. Maybe I’ll see you there?

Now’s the main thing on my mind: what do I wear?

  • Jimflip

    Wool FTW!

  • Patrick Murphy

    A vintage wool Radavist jersey, of course.

    • Dobry

      That’s pretty cool. I like how “rubber side up” is placed.

    • Damn. That’s good.

    • Richard Smith

      I’d buy one

    • Must cop.

  • recurrecur

    wool & waterproofs

  • Dobry

    Pre 1987-themed bike race? You have to wear a T-Shirt with the word “Cutters” on it in block letters. Anything else and you’d be doing yourself and this blog a tremendous disservice.

    Or wool, I guess…

    • OR a wool jersey with the word CUTTERS on it.

      • Dobry

        Now you’re talkin’
        Have a fun race!

  • Dobry

    Just perused the website. I noticed not one, but two gin sponsors. Oh, England!

    • Rubbish. I’m bringing Pappy!

      • Dobry

        Damn right. That’s why we fought the Revolution, isn’t it?

  • ben

    Ill see you there, Ill be the chap on the PUSH Cartel stand, getting burnt at the stake for displaying carbon frames and wheels by the tweeded horde :-)

  • rob

    That’s just down the road from me, I’m in Leeds.

    The most important thing is to sample plenty of the local beers ;-)

    You should stay to watch the start of the Tour in July.

  • VvV

    Screw wool, its “the North” as we soft southern Londoners would call it, and its bound to be wet and windy if its a proper British summer. a Cagoule is in order!

    • Wool is the jam when it’s cold and wet dude!

      • VvV

        Gotta admit, never tried it out in the wind and wet. I’ll pull one out of the washer pre-spin and give it a try!

  • VvV

    Also John, you’ll be in Bakewell, the home of the finest British sweet pastry there is – the Bakewell Tart. I was there on my first visit last month, and there are about 4 varieties, all delicious. Good fuel.