Giro Introduces the Synthe Aero Helmet Jun 25, 2014

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Aero is the new black. Personally, I couldn’t care less about aerodynamics. I’m more interested in a stylish helmet. The Synthe is just that. See the full press-release below, along with more photos. Sign me up for that all-black model!

Giro_H_Synthe_HighlightYellowMatteBlack_34 1

Giro Sport Design has announced the Synthe™, an advanced cycling helmet design that can enhance a rider’s efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag while offering increased cooling power. With aerodynamic efficiency that bests Giro’s genre-creating Air Attack™ helmet in Giro’s wind tunnel testing, and cooling power that rivals the thermodynamics of a bare head form, the Synthe is a revelation in performance. It will debut at the Tour de France with the BMC Racing Team, Katusha Racing Team, and IAM Cycling and will be available in December 2014 at Giro Authorized Dealers for $250 USD/ €250.


“The Synthe is an amazing expression of Giro’s commitment to innovation in helmet design. By combining our advanced research and design capabilities, as well as our close association with the world’s best cyclists, we continue to pursue new ideas that can give riders an advantage while also providing state-of-the-art head protection.” said Giro Senior Brand Manager Eric Richter. “The Synthe is the sum of our expertise in materials, design and engineering, and based on the data we believe it’s the best helmet for road racing and riders who want a more efficient helmet.”


Key features of the Giro Synthe include:

·Better Aerodynamics: Using Wind Averaged Drag, a formula that takes into account 72 different yaw angles and calculates a single drag measurement for a standard head angle of 30º and speed of 25mpg, the Synthe is more aerodynamically efficient than any road helmet Giro tested, including the acclaimed Air Attack™.

·More Cooling Power: By using the Therminator™, Giro’s proprietary heat-sensing headform that measures a helmet’s cooling power, Giro engineered the Synthe to surpass their previous benchmark for cooling power, the Aeon™ helmet. In fact, the Synthe’s cooling power nearly matches the measurements taken on a bare headform in Giro’s testing.

·Light Weight: At just 250g for the CPSC-certified version in size medium, the Synthe is competitively light while still offering a fully adjustable fit system, adjustable strapping and a sunglass docking feature that helps to secure sunglasses when the rider removes them.

The Giro Synthe will be available worldwide Fall 2014 for $250/ €250 in seven standard colors as well as one limited edition color. More information may be found at Giro.

  • John

    Could you convert “a standard head angle of 30º and speed of 25mpg” into litres per kilometre for this here European? ;-)

  • Scott Edward Perrin

    30 is 30 & 25mpg(h?) is about 40 km

  • Looks like the POC Octal is changing the game already…

    • This looks way better (and different) than the POC. Those things are hideous.

      • Amen.

      • Jamie McKeon

        POCs look like ASS! What gives with those?

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    that shot of the placement for frames…….has the roadies lined up !!!

  • Samuel Lopez

    will this help me consume beer faster while riding?

  • Matt Long

    Nice …..
    Smith has a new one ” Overtake” that looks good as well.

  • Rasmus Riemann

    Will this help Costa Rica win the world cup?

  • Funeral Cycling will be wearing these in the 2014 Whiskey Hand-Up World Championships.

  • erratic_hobbyist

    MIPS or GTFO

  • Keith Gibson

    I like the look of the Smith Overtake as well. Their mtn bike helmet looks nice too

  • Guest

    25mpg haha!

  • I’m curious why all the helmets on the market have smooth surfaces when there are studies like this one which suggest a rough surface may reduce drag:

    • Ornotbike

      The smooth shells are so the helmet slides if your head should ever hit the ground. You definitely don’t want your helmet to stick to the ground.

      • that’s a really good point haha

  • Derek Fulmer

    If you were shopping for a helmet, would you buy an Atmos now or wait for the Synthe?

    • The Synthe won’t be out for a while. If you need a helmet now, I’d just buy an Atmos. It’s what I’ve worn for years and it’ll still be a great helmet.