All-City Introduces the JYD Singlespeed Frame Jun 12, 2014

All-City_JYD Frame-03

The JYD frame. The ultimate around town, take the bum trail to your favorite bar, street or dirt ready shred sled. It’s simple, fun and yep, singlespeed.

Jeff from All-City has been talking about doing this frameset for some time now. He wanted to call it the “Junkyard Dog”, but went with JYD instead.

Segmented fork, threaded BB and yes, canti studs, clearances for a monster 29’r tire, gussets, fender mounts, you name it, the JYD is ready for it… all for $550 frameset.

See more at All-City and more photos below!

All-City_JYD Frame-02a

All-City_JYD Frame-04a

All-City_JYD Frame

  • Robo Vazquez

    So legit.

  • Noyes Crossing

    I think I need a bike like this. This is the bike I never put my Garmin on. Flat pedals so I don’t need my “bike shoes”. Its the path of least resistance to get out on a bike. Screw the bibs, screw the jersey.

    “I’ll be back in 30 minutes, just going to grab some beers!”.

    Not sure if I need this particular frame, but I want something like it. Good job All-City.

    • Yeah, it’s like a vintage MTB. So good. I wanna see it tubeless with a rear brake only and dirt drops.

      • stateofnonreturn

        Or that Fairweather Nitto Bullmoose !

        • Will Ashe

          That bar would be perfect here .

      • Mark Reimer

        rear coaster even, that would be so fun

  • mywynne

    If I hadn’t already pre-ordered a Nature Boy Disc…

    • Adam Miller

      Ebay the Nature Boy?

      • mywynne

        Heck no, that sucker is going to rip! Clearly, get a larger apartment with room for more bikes.

  • Fantastic. Hope they plan to sell that beautiful fork separately too.

    • It’s a 420 ATC – the fork wouldn’t be good for anything really – other than a bike designed for a 420 ATC… it’s not sus corrected.

      • Ah, good to know. Was thinking it might go nicely on my Pompino, which currently runs an Easton EC70X (395mm ATC).

    • christophersans

      hell yeah, not as nice as the handmade Geekhouse Yo Marty fork, but certainly a nice option for a segmented fork.

  • naisemaj

    winter commuter? bar bike? wheelie rocket? wish it had disc tabs! any idea on max tire size?

    • From the All-City link above:

      Q: What size tire?

      A: Well it all depends on the rim choice of course, but we designed it
      to fit a Schwalbe Big Apple 29 X 2.35. It is pictured with a Michelin 29
      X 2.25 (Michelin’s tend to run large in our experience) and it pretty
      much completely fills out the frame.

      • naisemaj

        more importantly though, is it barspin compatible? ;]

  • Mitch Bear

    Will the paint start chipping off as soon as a lock touches it like my Nature Boy Zona?

  • abelincoln

    No rack mounts?

  • Ace Metric Cycles


  • simonnix

    Pros: it’s like that old Diamondback with the horizontal dropouts you converted to single speed rather than throw away, only 29er, and probably a whole lot lighter and stiffer.
    Cons: actually nice enough for someone to steal, negating some of the carefree, throw-it-on-the-ground-outside-the-store vibe.

    I’d buy one, but I get the feeling I’d have to bury that paint under a couple of cans of matte black for peace of mind.