Pioneer Cycling Goods: Bootlegger Bottle May 9, 2014


Give me a glass of bourbon over a beer any day, pre, during or post ride. It invigorates and warms the body, rather than making you feel sluggish and full. While I believe a flask should be carried in your jersey pocket, this bottle will look great in a cage.

This bottle by Pioneer Cycling Goods was gifted to me, because of my love for bourbon and the South. I grew up with shine, white lightning or whatever you want to call it. The three x’s indicate that the contents of the bottle have been run through the still three times.

That’s some good ‘shine. Pick up a bottle at Pioneer Cycling Goods and drink as much as you want. Just don’t touch my liquor shelf!

Also, thanks for the bottle of 33 Aaron!

  • shankshiv

    mighty mighty pleasing pappas corn squeezin, ohh…………..

  • Ian McIlwain

    I had the pleasure of picking up a bottle of the Barterhouse recently. Some of the best I have ever had