Team Argonaut + River City Bicycles + Rapha

The Rouge Roubaix exceeded mine and Ben from Argonaut‘s expectations. I don’t think anyone involved with that trip knew how that race would unfold. Backtrack to a few months prior, team Argonaut had the idea to pull Brian Vernor in to do a video and bring me down to shoot the race and document the new Disc Racers.

We spent the two days prior to the race testing out the bikes and looking for key vantage points to photograph the event. While Vernor got his video footage, I took some photos of the bikes and (part of the) team River City / Rapha. These photos are to be used on the Argonaut website…

Check them out in the Gallery and see the bike in person at the Aether NYC event this Friday!

  • Micheal Boedigheimer

    You shot the region quite well, sir! Can’t wait to see Brian’s video.

    • It’s pretty damn good!

      • Micheal Boedigheimer

        Did I miss it in the links?!

  • David

    Great pictures. Man, the latest Dura Ace cranks be sexy.

  • Tyler Johnson

    I think my next bike is going to have to be one of these disc Argonauts. They are so clean and to me have timeless styling with modern technology. Great photos John!

  • Awesome set! What size tires were being used?

    • 28c all dayyy – on an ENVE 29r rim, so they were a bit wider.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to decide between a Geekhouse Mudville or a Hopedale; I like road a bit better, but a like options too…that wheel/tire combo sounds like a good one!

        • I wouldn’t get a cross bike if you’re not planning on racing cross. If you want to do road rides or even off-road rides, go with a Hopedale that’ll fit a 33 tire. The lower BB and slightly slacker head tube will handle better off-road. You can do disc and it’ll alleviate any rim snafus you might get on the road – or on the fire road. Cross bikes are awesome on singletrack, but they’re not fun descending or climbing on asphalt. Their higher BB and steep angles make them very twitchy…

          • Thanks for the input! I’ve been really up in the air on this decision; your photo set made me question my choice to do with a cross bike. I won’t be cross racing or taking on any singletrack…just road and occasionally gravel. Sounds like I need to get give Marty a shout before he starts building a Mudville for me!

  • btdubs

    I’m so glad roadies are starting to not be so ridiculously afraid of dirt for a change.

    • These guys have been “riding dirt” for years man.

  • Evan Kilgore

    Awesome pics. Grew up in Baton Rouge and my folks own a farm house right outside of St Francisville in Star Hill. Moved up to NYC in 2002 and haven’t ever been able to riding around there, but every time I’m back home and driving around there I’m dying to be on a bike. The Tunica Falls/Clark Creek area is beautiful. I’m going to do my best to be back home for RR next year.