Strawfoot: New Waxed Musette

Without a doubt, a musette is one of the oldest forms of on-the-bike portage. Dating back to even the early days of the Tour, “water boys” used to raid villages for bread, fruits, cigarettes, wine and water, filling these bags before handing them off to racers.

Nowadays, we use them to carry clothes, food, electronics or even around-town items. I use musettes on rides where I want to carry a camera and not have it exposed to the elements around my back. Even then, cotton musettes aren’t water resistant.

When I saw Strawfoot’s newest design when I was in Santa Cruz, I had to try one out. Waxed canvas, designed well, packable and the addition of a sternum strap made it a stylish, yet practical solution for quick, on-the-bike portage.

I like to use it on rides to carry my camera, film, food or to shed arm and leg warmers once the sun comes out. It folds up nicely and stuffs into a pocket and the sternum strap keeps it from swinging around unexpectedly.

The waxed canvas is water-resistant, not water proof, so I usually put a ultralight dry sack inside it as well if it’s going to pour. Or in our case last weekend, dump snow on us.

Each of these musettes are made from hand in Santa Cruz and take approximately a week to construct. In stock now at Strawfoot and Calfee has the pictured silver strap / orange lash option for sale.

  • oh and thanks to Brian Vernor for being a male model.

  • barry mcwilliams

    As a public-service announcement, I can confirm that the original musette nicely fits a six-pack of imported bottles. No testing done with tall-boys or fifths of bourbon – yet.

  • Nicholas Schaub

    damn, the price is right too.

  • Garrett Kautz

    Thanks John! If anyone prefers the silver/orange combo, it’s available through Calfee (

  • Ornotbike

    Nice Garrett!

  • Hamish

    Wait, Calfee’s postage to Australia is over $150…?

    • Ha. For a frame. They probably don’t know it’s set to that. Email them?

  • Jamie McKeon

    dude is so handsome…