Much Love for Hunter Cycles Nugz Apr 24, 2014


While most cantilever cable hangers have built in barrel adjusters, some don’t. Since I run the Speedvagen x ENVE Integrated stem, I don’t have an in-line adjuster. Before, I used to just re-clamp my yoke or canti if I needed more stopping power and that’s just not right.

These little things have been floating around on the internet since 2011, but I completely forgot about them until last December…


Hunter Cycles makes these nifty straddle cable barrel adjusters called Nugz and they have made my life on my cantilever brake bikes a lot easier. I’ve got them on my cross and tourer and they’re so simple. Sure, some companies like TRP have a similar design, the Nugz work on Paul canti brakes. That’s all I care about.


All the details for ordering are over at the Hunter Cycles Flickr. I kinda wish Paul would place a large order and stock them though! Wink wink.

  • Sean Curran

    Nice, thanks. I was running mine tight enough that I had to declamp just to get my wheel off the other day.

  • Hale

    I keep trying to double tap all the pictures. Fucking I.G.

  • Danny B

    After reading an eariler review on your site I now have these on my rando bike. Best little upgrade to an otherwise excellent set of cantis. Thanks Rick, thanks John.

  • Richard Smith

    Nifty product! Solves the issue presented by the expensive stem nicely ;)

    • Jamie McKeon


  • One Eyed z

    I picked of a set of something similar made by Jagwire on the cheap… disappointed that they will not fit in my Pauls. I need to get a hold of Hunter and get a few sets of these.

  • Tim Bateman

    Nice! Thanks for sharing. The geek in me can’t help but comment on your brake setup…not there is anything wrong with it. Maybe you already know this, but a high angle straddle cable gives a nice snappy feel, but less power. If you drop that straddle hanger down abut an inch you will have a softer feel, but far superior braking power.

    • I prefer this setup. Been riding it like this for a while now and really like it.

      • Tim Bateman

        Right on. Hope I didn’t come off as a know-it-all. Just throwing it out there.

        • Totally understand! I was just saying it’s an informed decision. ;-)