What Kind of Front Rack is That? Apr 16, 2014


Back when I did the AWOL Transcontinental Review, people asked what front rack I was using. Well, Specialized has them in stock now for $50 and yes, it comes in black!

  • Ian Stone

    I’m holding off on getting an AWOL until those front panniers are available. My local Specialized shop says they have no information on them yet :(

    • They’re only available on the Transcontinental Edition.

      • Ian Stone

        You’re breaking my heart John.

    • Goog Smells

      Man, me too. I was really excited about them.

    • Clément ‘Karibou’ Malinski

      Brace yourselves gentlemen, either specialized or ortlieb will propose those panniers in a near future.
      We can’t really say, right, but it will come for sure.
      I sent a mail to Specialized France, as I was also really excited about them.
      So, wait and see !

  • michaelvsShark


    Is that handlebar bag a swift industries product?

    • It’s a Swift Ozette Rando – I’d recommend their Porteur bag for this rack though.

      • AttackCowboy

        Which Swift bag would you recommend pairing with a Surly front rack?

        • Ozette – but I would email Swift to confirm. If you do use the Ozette, you’ll need a decalleur too. I use the VO one.

  • Alex Fortuna

    does that mean you have two front racks on there? what is supporting the light?

    • The Tubus Tara rack, modified for Specialized’s pannier attachment by Tubus. i.e. it’s a proprietary rack.

      This setup isn’t ideal, but it’s the best we could do on the fly. Personally, I’d go with either just the porteur rack – or a Nitto Campee / Surly / Pass and stow for a platform to attach a rando bag and low riders.

  • shtlck

    Hey John,

    Im looking for a Bike to Commute to work, every Day about 50 km. Also for light gravel /forest rides.

    Im pretty in Love with the awol. With the transcontinental versión. The Problem is, i dont find any placer to get it in germany.

    Can you help me out? Any other recommendations?