No 22 Little Wing Build Mar 27, 2014

Wilis recently built up a No 22 Little Wing track bike to race at Red Hook Crit. These bikes look even better in person. I’d highly encourage you check one out!

  • Glenn Weatherson


  • Zach Kahl

    Yeah John, next time I am in Singapore or London I will be sure to check one out. Thanks for the encouraging pro-tip.

  • Ryan Combdon

    It’s awesome to see a company from Toronto that’s building bikes in North American do well. Andrew Romashyna will also be riding for No 22 for the RHC.

  • Brendan

    Holy damn that build screams crit machine. Soo good.

  • Skytelgod

    to bad that frame is going to feel like a gummy worm on a shitty bumpy new york city street

  • Harry

    Over 2 grand for a track frame is a bit ridiculous, nice as it may be.

  • Andy De La Roca

    Nice build!
    Price is ridiculous though! I’d definitely buy one if it weren’t so dam expensive.

    • It’s Titanium, made in the USA. What do you expect?

      • Andy De La Roca

        A Tk1 track frame.
        Do they take payments? Lol
        I really like this bike man

        • I totally understand. It’s a lot of money. I usually save for a year before buying a bike.