Canadian Metal: Wilis’ Marinoni


Canadian Metal: Wilis’ Marinoni

Last year, I shot a few photos of Wilis’ Marinoni after a solid year of riding it everyday on the streets of NYC. The bike is a classic example of Marinoni’s attention to detail and unique seat-tube cleaves.

Not that I dislike bikes with wear and tear, because it shows character, but it was starting to look a bit weathered. Shortly after I took those photos, Wilis decided to send it back to Marinoni for a proper restoration. Check out the results below!

Here are two ‘before’ shots for comparison to…

Photos by Wilis Johnson

… the ‘after’ shots.

Photo by Wilis Johnson

Seriously, stunning restoration. Re-chromed and re-painted with the original decals. Gorgeous! Check out the seat-tube cleave as well. Can’t wait to see it built up man!

Wilis’ Marinoni in the NY Times