Cycle Smithy is Selling an Incredible Cinelli Laser Pursuit Track Mar 19, 2014


Yeah… Cycle Smithy isn’t messing around with this one. A Columbus MAX Laser, featured here on the site before, fully restored, and laced with only the finest components. I can’t get over how pristine of a job Cycle Art did restoring this machine to its original state. Head over to eBay for the full parts list and BIN price.

  • Noel

    Funny when a 10K bike is a killer deal. I was expecting way more

    • Francis BB

      Im so with you

    • Matthew J

      Seriously, who said it was a killer deal?

      The bike is a scarce collectors’ item. Not many were made back in the day and no is making them now.
      This is definitely not meant for someone looking for a cool ride around town. It will wind up in a store window or hanging from a ceiling somewhere.

      Those who want to own a piece of history expect to pay for it.

      • He’s being serious. Bikes like that go for $15k and up… it IS actually a pretty reasonable price!

        • Matthew J

          Foot in mouth! Misread OP as yet another ‘dood that cawsts soooo much posts.’ Sorry Noel.

          • Noel

            Damn.. I was just about to go off on you and start a DisqusWar!

  • odenator

    Damn. Too small for me. Otherwise I would have bought it right up.
    In all seriousness… that’s beautiful.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Just for my own education, what is the consensus on how bikes this precious are to live out their years? Like priceless violins, do they need to be ridden every once in a while? (on a track, of course) Or would it be a crime to throw a leg over it?

    • Matthew J

      IMO the Laser is rare enough to deserve caution, but not not so rare it can’t see an occasional fun ride. Good thing about a track bike is there are not a lot of moving parts. As long as it is the only bike on the track it should be fine.

      • Gio Edery

        isnt the reason they stopped making it is because they would always develop cracks on the downtube near the head tube? If it was me only on indoor concrete tracks with no on else on.

  • miro_o

    The angle at which the bullhorns are set… quite far from correct? I may be mistaken.

    • Pursuit bars always have the “flats” level, like a saddle should be. All this pointed down to the ground nonsense is silly.

  • Cody Baker

    Hmmmm my size. I wonder if they’d be willing work out a trade….

  • Ordinata

    Flats level is fine. Just need right flat, currently setup with hand grips on the flat.

  • Noel

    Whoops, I take it back. 10K for a restored Laser with non-original paint, less of a killer deal.