Cycle Smithy Cinelli Laser Pursuit Track

The Urban Cycling Hall of Fame committee met last week in Chicago to select the first year’s inductees, as well as next year’s board. I still can’t believe I was in Chicago for two full days and only got to pedal around for an afternoon. But hey, work is work and sometimes I fly into a city without getting to fully emerse myself in it. There are dozens upon dozens of rad shops I wanted to check out but didn’t have time. Even though we only went to one shop, I have to say, I’m pretty stoked on visiting this one in particular.

Cycle Smithy has so much eye candy hanging from the walls and ceiling of their space. It’s overwhelming and was totally unexpected, mostly because I had never heard of the shop before. With the short amount of time we had there, I managed to shoot a few (quick) detail photos of this Cinelli Laser pursuit track. It’s a bit of an odd-bird build, with a mix of Italian and Japanese components (that seatpost) but I’m not complaining. Nor was FYXO. I wish it wasn’t raining so I could have taken it a block or so away to shoot better photos but this is what I got.

Check out more photos in the Gallery!

  • Andy Nisbet

    Love it! Those are some holy grail bikes right there. Have any shots of the low pro with both wheels on the ground though?

    • Nope, or I would have posted it. The ones I shot didn’t look good at all… :- maybe Andy will post his?

      • Andy Nisbet

        No problem, the ones that are up are really nice. I guess this could help a bit haha

  • Jerome

    Nice to see Cycle Smithy on here, my Gunnar frame is sitting there waiting to be built up.

  • Donatas Pabrėža

    The ones prolly shot don’t look good at all might be cause this one’s a contender for the worst build of a laser to date.

  • Emlyn Walters

    nice what kind of tyres are on ? it love the color

  • Taylor Danger Russ

    Fuckin love Cycle Smithy’s collection. Glad to see some of it up here.