Spencer’s Landshark Road

John Slawta’s work is easily some of the most recognizable in the world. While many have attempted to emulate his paint jobs over the years, even a subtle coat like this one is still strikingly unique. Landsharks are known for one thing: their paint, which is a shame. It’s only a disservice in the sense that Slawta’s fillets are undeniably clean.

Whereas some builders need to cover their work with flashy paint (called the pig with lipstick phenom), Slawta could walk away with a single color just fine. Yet, his bikes are all wild. Even when it comes to just two or three shades of blue (don’t mind the gypsum road residue splatted on the seat tube).

Spencer bought this frame off eBay and began to scrounge up parts. While it appears to be a balleur build, it was still done on a budget. The wheels were gifted to him by his dad (the bike would have still looked great with a box section rim), who also rides, the bars and stem were from his local shop’s spare parts bin. The SRAM Red though, that was purchased new.

Taking a vintage steel frame and dressing it up in a modern component group is by no means anything new, but there’s something special about seeing one done so tastefully…

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  • Ham Sandwich

    So thats what hes doing with his Workaholics money? Not bad.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Sweet frame, sweet paint. When I was a kid I remember a wrench at my LBS got a Landshark SS MTB with an insane translucent purple mosaic paint job. Marzocchi lowers painted to match. I still dream about that bike.

  • Noel

    Sweet build. Especially like the fact he stuck with a threaded stem, most people with these classic/modern builds ruin it with a converted threadless one.

    • Jordan Freymiller

      there is a good reason why they do that

  • michaelvsShark

    At first I thought this was the most underwhelming Land Shark paint job I had ever seen.

  • David

    Not even the horrors of SRAM can ruin this bike’s good looks.

    • You really hate SRAM… it’s all you ever comment on. Did someone rape you with a double tap shifter or something?

      • David

        That’s actually grossly unfair. I think this is maybe my second or third comment regarding SRAM. I think it’s junk that breaks. I’ve also commented with wonderment on Stinner’s craftsmanship, my love of Di2, and something else I’m sure. Maybe a Richard Sachs.
        And yes.

        • ;-)

          I’ve never had anything SRAM break on me and I thrash my bikes pretty hard. I just think it’s was a silly comment to make in the first place.

          • David

            It was silly. I’m a silly guy.
            Really the comment was about the optics. I think its pretty hard on the eyes, generally speaking.
            Totally fine with different strokes for different folks. I’m just reverse-engineering a compliment for that bike.
            If it makes anyone feel better, the zipps look pretty fucking good with it.

          • Seconding that, been using SRAM Red on my #1 bike for the last 4 years and it’s still going strong, only had one cable change (because I’m lazy). Got a mix of X0, XX and XX1 on my MTB and that’s all fine too, I just don’t get the SRAM hate.

          • People wreck, shit brakes, they blame everything else but themselves. Not saying that’s always the case, but it’s what I’ve found.

  • Ts

    I really like the way how the red details on the crank/shifters do work with the King headset …love little details like this.
    and that paintjob is really one of a kind. stunning bike, one of my favourites up here so far.

  • Patrick Posadas

    Totally agree w Noel: Mavic handlebar = sweet; is the stem Mavic too?

    • Powell

      Looks like a Cinelli 1A to me

  • JLN

    So good. Perfect combination of old and new.

  • Tyler Shannon

    Shoot. I love when classic frames are built up modern, it may be one of my favorite things

  • OGS_SD

    steel frame and steel fork – but carbon Zipp wheels? seriously?

    • Happens all the time. Older steel bikes were engineered for steel forks and carbon wheels only enhance a ride.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Rad dude, rad bike.

  • Qamuuqin

    What a great looking Shark. It’s a shame that John doesn’t work in steel anymore, but he puts out some unique carbon bikes. Case in point:

  • h salinas

    amazing, the whole thing is great. SRAM always the right choice with a vintage steel / new group match up, just has that nice, paired down look. reminds me of my 853 build, I went sram when I put the da7400 on the day-to-day ride and it looks so right.

  • Lars

    What is the saddle bag/ roll he is using there? Looks equally cool and sleek.

    • It’s a Yanco and Tracko Ramblin Roll – they’re really hard to get. Follow @KyleBKelley on Instagram and he’ll post when they’re available. I usually post them here on the site too, but they sell out too fast.

      • Lars

        Thank you. I’ve been trying to find something a little different than the standard saddle bag for a while now, I guess I’ll have to keep looking.