Mars Cycles Track

In my groggy state at this year’s NAHBS, I met Casey Sussman, the builder of Mars Cycles, a small frame builder out of Oakland. His bright magenta track bike caught my eye but in a world of mail-order “fixies”, I didn’t initially register the bike as a hand made frame.

Once Casey introduced himself, I quickly realized that was no mail-order, made in Taiwan bike. It’s a legitimate, hand made track bike. Clean fillets, racing geometry, non-nonsense details and that tapered head tube. Mars Cycles’ work, at this point, is focusing on crit-ready track bikes and Casey’s bike is a prime example.

Mars Cycles will have a few racers rolling these frames at this weekend’s Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn, so if you see them, make sure to wish them luck!

Leave a comment in the Gallery with any comments or concerns.

  • George Campan

    What’s the weight of the full build?

    • I am not sure. It felt light – even with the Phil Woods. Maybe Casey will chime in?

    • GassiousClay

      Hey George,

      Mine fully built with pedals, sensors and computer is 16 pounds 6 ounces.

    • Mars Cycles

      16lb 10 oz.

  • JJ

    I like the bike, my only personal point is maybe a thicker downtube to match the 44mm HT, not a criticism just my own 2 cents

    • Mars Cycles

      Thank you. For the non tapered team bikes I used a 28.6 top tube with a 31.8 downtube. For the tapered ones I went with 31.8 top tubes and 35 down tubes as we are all around 150 pounds. While I understand your aesthetic taste, these bikes are plenty stiff.

  • Jamie McKeon

    nicest silhouette i’ve seen in a while.

    • Mars Cycles

      Thank you.

  • schue113

    Is he running a tapered steerer in that thing? Also, not to be a tech nerd but I think that head tube is likely an IS41/42 upper, IS 52 lower. It is BETTER than a 44mm head tube, IMHO. Awesome bike!

    • Mars Cycles

      You are correct. I used a columbus tapered headtube. 1-1/2 bottom, 1-1/8 top, full carbon fork. I wanted to go full internal and preferred drop in bearings as opposed to press in cups.

  • Don

    Casey, got an email? I live in Alameda and would like to get to know a local framebuilder/visit the shop/etc.

    • Mars Cycles

      [email protected]. Sounds great. Shoot me an email. Defthouse bikes also offers a lugged framebuilding class taught by Tim sanner.

  • Bernardo Vigil Rendon

    Not to be ignorant, but what’s the point of the tapered head tube? Stiffness? Does the bottom part of the headset go inside, or do you need a specific type of headset to work with a tapered head tube?

    • Richard Smith

      Stiffness, yes, but it also enables you to use bigger bearings on the bottom side of the headtube. These are the balls that take the brunt, and bigger bearings last longer.

    • Mars Cycles

      Tapered headtubes are meant to add stiffness. The columbus headtube uses internal bearings like most modern integrated headsets. The bearing races are silver brazed in.

      • Ian Michelson

        Interesting, could the whole head tube not be CNC machined with the race built in? Absolutely love the bike!

  • schue113

    What is the seat tube and head tube angle on this beauty? I like the aggressive fit. Saddle almost all the way aft with a set back… any problems with thread engagement on the rear mounting bolt on the seat post with set back?

    • Mars Cycles

      This bike is 73.5/73.5. No problems at all. Not sure why you think there might be.

  • Brian Fu

    any website for Mars Cycles?

    • Mars Cycles and @marscycles on Instagram.

  • keirinmax

    normally i’m not into purple at all but this one is a killer!!!

    • Mars Cycles

      Thank you.

  • Daniel Schaumann

    how tall is the rider for this? saddle height?

    • He looked to be around 6’2″

    • Mars Cycles

      This is my personal bike. I am a lanky 6’1″. Saddle height is 81.5. Tip of saddle to bar center is 59.5.

  • schue113

    That sounds almost like my fit. 82 saddle height, Tip of saddle to bar 58. And I’m 6″ even. What length cranks are you running? And the reason I ask about thread engagement on the bike is that I have run into the issues on certain track frames with certain saddles and a Thomson setback post. Interesting note since I brought up crank length: the guy working with Cancellara was talking about running shorter cranks on the Record attempt. Hmmm….

  • Matt O’Donnell

    Check out Casey’s new Mars Cycles website: