2014 NAHBS: Six-Eleven Track

I know when I come to NAHBS, I can always count on Aaron at Six-Eleven to have a track bike on display. In years past, he’s had some of my favorite bikes at the show and out of his entire fleet (the dude brought like 12 bikes, seriously), this one was my favorite.

Built in Virginia, to be raced in Portland, this machine has some pretty jamming details. Personally, I love the color and the Chris King bits, but the seatpost topper and fork crown are next level!

See more in the Gallery!

  • Noel

    Chainstay fork blades? Nice detail on the stem.

    • Kessler

      Noel, they’re 29er fork blades. (I know because this is my bike)

  • Ashton Ireland

    The painted line across the lower half of the bike/ wheels is a very nice subtle touch.

    • Jamie McKeon

      holy shit didnt even see it somehow…

      • That’s why the cranks are all wonky ;-)

        • Jamie McKeon

          i had to resist commenting that… you just knew though.

          • Jamie McKeon


        • Jamie McKeon



    Very nice. Not a fan of the curved seat tube but nice nonetheless.

  • impressed

    what’s the story on that rear hub flange?

    • Ben Real

      Looks like a Cane Creek Sprint 85.

  • Raving Elk

    Why gaps so big? :[[

    • btdubs

      Because life is about more than “hella flush”.

    • If you draw a straight line from the seat tube cluster to the BB, you’ll see the curved tube didn’t even need to be there. It’s an aesthetic decision.

      • Travis

        Check out his response on VeloNews’ Instagram, he has a different answer.

  • kog

    It seems fairly relaxed for a track bike. It’s pretty but I feel like he could’ve made the bike tighter.

  • T.C. Worley


  • no words!! they continue to just have functioning works of art!!

  • Raving Elk

    Getting used to that frame. It’s actually very well proportioned.
    But that black chainring, that silver fork spacer, those bars and that saddle ruin the over all build.

    could be a much cleaner build with all the parts available in the states.